Treating people in a positive manner that acknowledges them for who they are and/or what they are doing. Being treated or treating an individual in a dignified manner.
Respect is earned and is never just given. BUT, you must give respect to receive respect. Meaning when you interact with an individual you treat them with dignity and in a respectful manner as this shows your character as a person. And the respect will be reciprocated. You must always behave in a respectful manner as this reflects on you, your character, integrity and values of who you are as a person.

No one owes you respect until you have earned it, so there is no such thing as I will give it after they give it to me first. That attitude is a disrespectful action to anyone you interact with as it insinuates that you do not trust them to act accordingly, and implies that they "owe" you respect before you will give it. That will cause people to LOSE respect for you or never gain it in the first place. When you first meet someone, everyone is given the benefit of the doubt that they are a respectable individual. Questioning their integrity(respect) before you have even met them and "expecting" respect to be given without giving it yourself is insulting and condescending to that person and is judging them in a negative light when you know absolutely nothing about them.

To get respect, you must give it. So respectful behavior should just be part of how you act as a person 100% of the time.
Everyone deserves a basic amount of respect as an individual until proven otherwise.
by baggerr October 5, 2014
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It means valuing each others points of views. It means being open to being wrong. It means accepting people as they are. It means not dumping on someone because you're having a bad day. It means being polite and kind always, because being kind to people is not negotiable. It means not dissing people because they're different to you. It means not gossiping about people or spreading lies.
by peppermint_rose July 28, 2005
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A word describing the mutual relations between two people. This is something that needs to be cultivated on a person-to-person basis; a mutual relation cultivated through continuous fair and equitable exchanges of kind and politeful interactions, as well as having an understanding and consideration for each other as having the same basic human dignity. This cannot be obtained simply through age, status, experience, knowledge; it must be mutually crafted.
Respect is not earned nor given through one man's acts, but through mutual interactions of good will exchanges.
by Ul1m1t3dm1k3 December 29, 2014
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Noun: A value that once thrived but has nearly been eradicated in the name of free speech and expressing one’s self. Back when respect ran rampant people would keep their mouths shut if they didn’t have something intelligent to say but sadly today most people choose to express their “beliefs” even when they don’t have anything of value to say. Often disrespectful people make up for the lack of intelligence by resorting to juvenile statements such as “he/she sucks”, “he/she’s a tool” or what is ironically the all time favorite of the disrespectful, “He/she/you are an idiot”. The term “idiot” is often also used by the disrespectful to label anyone who disagrees with them especially if that person can actually speak intelligently on the subject or person being discussed.
Although John disliked the governor he figured it best to show some respect and keep his opinion to himself as he had nothing constructive to say about the man. Emma on the other hand chose to express her beliefs and tweeted that the governor sucked.
by integritymatters November 27, 2011
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Is a quality that is highly lacking into todays society & something everyone expects, but has no willingness to show.
Person 1; "Bitch, I want fucking respect."
Person 2; "It goes both ways."
Person 1; "Not in my book!"
by !! Ghett0xxBlaster !! May 13, 2009
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When your teacher told you to learn the meaning of it, I don't think this is what he meant.
Teacher: Johnny, it's time that you learned the meaning of respect!
Little Johnny: *goes to urbandictionary.*
by BriannaBlasphemy March 25, 2009
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Respect is what nowadays kids have a lack of.WHO CARES ??Respect...Respect is a very strong word.But you can also use it with sweetness
For example:

1. Imagine a teacher saying to one of her student "why don't you have some respect" while she is right .Think about the kid.How he/she feels ?He will learn one day to respect but that was on example for respect's strong meaning

2. Image your friend does you a big favour.Firstly you thank him saying "I respect you" or just "respect" by itself is enough .Then image that the same friend means a lot to you and that you cannot thank him because he is away and you can't go with him .Is the best way to thank him trying non stop (while being rejected) to submit a meaning for Respect dedicated to him?

See how different the meaning of the word can change.If only people used it's sweet plus lovely meaning than the strict one

But in the end who cares it won't even get submitted.
IHeartYouBro xoxo...
by Burnin Angel August 12, 2017
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