Sweet, awesome...a phrase used to express the greatness of a situation
Hey, man...pass the gravy!
by none September 26, 2003
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a term for having sex, refering to semen being "passed" to the female.... or male if you're a homo.
1st Guy: "So, you think that chick is into you?"

2nd Guy: "I've got a feeling I'll be passing the gravy more

than once tonight."
by sparks277v February 4, 2010
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To commit a premarital sexual act within the bible belt of the Southern States or more often than not to share bodily fluid under the pretense of "Watching a movie" with one's boyfriend/girlfriend.
The feint moans of Alexis resonated throughout the mobile home as Adrian heard his father Stephen batter the door open to his small country dwellings. "Oh shit!" said Adrian. "Ah ha! I knew you weren't just "watching a movie"!" Stephen responded to his son's blasphemous tone. "Passing the Lord's gravy before marriage is not allowed within this trailer! " Stephen finished.
by KyleSean January 11, 2016
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