Valley talk, similiar to I'm like, but often used to make the statement for affirmative.
Michael: "Cesar's like, 'Did you get laid on the cruise?' I'm all, 'YEAH, like 10 times!"
by cali-boy October 27, 2011
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A New England phrase that is usually heard in or around shops. It's used to take the place of "no I don't need any help" or "no thanks."

It confuses the hell out people from the rest of the country. Especially the Southeners.
Shopkeep: Can I help you with anything?

Shopper: No, I'm all set, thanks.
by causticx June 14, 2009
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Meaning I belong to you.
You own me.
I love you.
I want no one else but you.
Can I be yours?
I'm all yours.
by KAWHAT September 8, 2005
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To be as horny as hell, to be in such heat that you can't stop it from erecting.
Dude 1: Look at those hookers with busty hooters!!!
Dude 2: Oh man, stop talking to me. I'm all dick.
by Demon 33 October 4, 2013
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A phrase used in place of I'm ok, I'm ready. To be satisfied and not need anything. Always said by a Mainer
Tom "Hey Chris would you like a shipyard?"

Chris " Nahh, I'm all set."
by Troy Wojtaszek November 27, 2007
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Children new to going poop on the toilet usually say this. Its usually followed up by "come and wipe me" until their taught how to wipe themselves.
little joey: I'm all done, come and wipe me. mom: Okay I'm coming.
by jimmybomm June 27, 2020
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Like the expression, "I'm all ears" juiced up for the Internet.
To be used in e-mails and mostly text or instant messaging and chat.
I am ready, willing and able to read what it is you are typing.
All my attention is on what you are typing.
(Like an IM conversation or chat room conversation)

Conjunction_Vitus: Hey, are you paying attention to what I'm saying?

Jut_Unions_Convict: Yes, I'm all eyes.
by Trent Kuver April 10, 2009
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