When you are unconcerned, this is something you don't give.
I don't give fuck one whether this is Ajax or whether it's Comet cleaner, it isn't going up my nose.
by salaciousbarkingbrunette November 28, 2008
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"I'm sippin on 2 cups at one time and I thank God I can say Fuck one time"
-Lil Wayne

"Shootin at the Cops, Fuck one time"
-Rick Ross
by Dwizzy November 11, 2010
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This expression dates as far back as man has been stuffing his junk into farm animals. You fuck one goat. Meaning there are some things we do that we must carry with us, no matter the good deeds you do or the people who love you, this can all be overshadowed by one horrific deed.
An old farmer walking through his field with his grandson.

Old farmer- "Billy, you see that fence there? Your father and I built that fence with our own two hands.

Billy-''Yeah... That's great grandpa.

Old farmer- "And that barn Billy, do you see that barn? My father and I built that barn long ago together. And these fields Billy...

Billy- uh huh, didnt you fuck some goats once though?

Old farmer- "it was one goat! Geez you fuck one goat...
by Ageofchronic December 22, 2016
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Eating esp. in large amounts.
I sat at that diner and fucked my face with ice cream for a full hour
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There are no rules in this bitch. If you get scammed, don't complain. You got lied to? Cry me a lake. This is a cruel world. Don't expect others to be honorable or just. Take advantage of weakness. Always stay one step ahead and get yours by any means.
"Fuck a fair one, I get mine the fast way. Ski mask way, nigga, ransom notes"

"Fuck a fair one. You know?"
by finesse365 May 16, 2019
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Just one person doing something that needs many people to help with.

OFG = one fucking guy
So our Congress sucks. I'm just one fucking guy, do you think I can do anything about it?

So Congress is being bribed left and right by corporations. Our democracy is disappearing, but I'm just one fucking guy. Do you think I can do anything about it?

I'm just OFG, that's not going to go far with the fucked up mess we have in Congress.

Congress passed the Affordable Care Act. It created the new IRS where you have to buy insurance from the companies you hate. I'm just one fucking guy and can't stop this insanity without help.

The Affordable Care Act is bullshit. Congress says don't raise taxes, just make everything privatized so the people pay more. I'm just one fucking guy and can't stop this insanity without help.
by euphemismo November 25, 2010
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