a rather unexplainable term used when you really dont like a person. marked by ugliness, rudeness, fatness, etc.
She is such a mongrel!
by mdoarngiaenlle November 02, 2008
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An annoying person who never shuts the fuck up and gives people their opinion when nobody fucking wants to hear it.
guy: wow could she have been anymore of an mongrel today.
guy 2: fuck tell me about it.
by rablerablerable May 29, 2011
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A knob in a state of high alert, viz a viz a watchdog or robber's cur. A less highly-strung version is known as a half-mongrel, or slung-mong.

Oaf: "By crikey, I'm so enamoured of that gentlelady that my mongrel is verily frothing at the mouth. I fear I shall soil my tweeds with nut muck!"
by Mr Marky January 31, 2008
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Tenacity, stubborn determination, a colloquial variant of the term "doggedness" used largely in Australia and New Zealand in the context of sports.
"That team have less talent across the field, but won the game by showing more MONGREL"
"Lleyton Hewitt's MONGREL kept him in that third set"
by Zorgas Borgas March 15, 2017
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