1. Term or nickname used to describe some mischievous delinquents. Usually straight savages on some hood rat shit always down for getting into some trouble and fuckin' shit up everywhere they go. Also called mongs for short.
1. Man, we were on some mongrel shit last night. We got kicked out the bar for startin' a brawl.

2. I saw some fuckin' mongrels drive by and threw a pumpkin straight through my neighbors windshield earlier today.
by Johnny Albert September 07, 2019
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One who is considered "flea infested"

Roots from the song "Who Let the Dogs Out" by the Baha Men
Damn bro you're being a real mongrel right now
by Ryry2x April 08, 2019
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a rather unexplainable term used when you really dont like a person. marked by ugliness, rudeness, fatness, etc.
She is such a mongrel!
by mdoarngiaenlle November 02, 2008
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