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In love with love. Falls in love easily. Rebekah's are kind and care greatly for others. Rebekah's are very shy at first but later on become some of the greatest friends ever. They get attached to things too easily and love god. People often misspell their name. Rebekah's think about their future and worry WAY too much! They will always feel like they aren't good enough and try to improve theirselves always. They think of others first and worry too much about what others think. They get embarrassed easily and often act stupidly around guys that they like. Their feelings get hurt very easily and often hide their pain that hurts the most and lets the rest go. They HATE scary movies.
Rebekah's try to better themselves always.
by FutureMrs_____ September 20, 2014
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Beautiful girl who is amazing in school, very insecure, loves music, thinks she's forever alone and loves cheesy romance. Gets really annoyed when people call her Becky or misspell her name.
Your name's Rebekah? Okay. R-E-B-E-C-C-A
No. K-A-H. No C's in my name.
by Hakeber? March 05, 2012
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A awesome, funny girl. Not exactly perfect, but just right. A little nerdy, and loves reading. Can't live without doodling all over her school work. A good friend to have for a sleepover, though don't you dare watch any scary movies with her around. Heavy sleeper. And loves the Amethyst gemstone because it's purple... duh!
friend 1: Man Rebekah is so nice!
friend 2: I think she's a little nerdy though...
friend 1: Sure, but in a good way!
by amethyst3819 July 15, 2014
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Rebekahs are girls who are dedicated and talented human beings. They can be insecure at times, but hide such insecurities by boosting their friends with motivational words and calming phrases. Rebekahs (or Bekahs) are hot asf but always doubt their abilities when it comes to their love life. Low key nerds who love to have a good time with friends. Can be studying hard one minute and be black out wasted the next. Overall 10/10 personality- any guy would be so lucky.
Rebekah is the sweetest girl I know.

Bekah pulled the stupidest move last night...

Holy fuck Rebekah you're so fucking gorgeous.
by StrongIndependentWomanatee February 01, 2018
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A truly amasing girl, who is beautiful, cute and very sexy, sometimes pessimistic but still knows how to make you feel better, strives to help everyone she can no matter the cost, has a great musical taste and can be nerdy sometimes. She also has lovely boobs and is just pure awesomesauce.
You see that cute girl over there? I bet shes very sexual like Rebekah.
Awwww, you're such a Bekah.
by Mr Salmon May 03, 2011
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Isaac's wife in The Bible (mother of Jacob and Esau), a unique way of spelling Rebecca
Everyone mispells my name when I say it's Rebekah. I have to spell it out, and tell them I was named after a woman in the Bible.
by RebekahA April 11, 2006
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Rebekah is another way to call someone really awesome, This name is also givin to really cute, playful and sweet girls and you just have to love them xD
by Gotta love pres October 07, 2009
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