when your friend won't talk to you as much or laugh at your jokes.
jashianti was being very distant today, she's probably still mad about last night
by yeet lmao December 11, 2018
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1). Being far away

2). Being emotionally detachted, not responsive.
France sure is distant from the US.

Kate was quite distant to Andy the day before they broke up.
by Brookie October 5, 2005
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If you go distant you don’t join ps4 parties for at least one week after getting terrored
He went distant after getting bullied in the mic
by Crusty2savv November 10, 2018
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Alternative expression for the 60s-70s "far out!" meaning "excellent!"
Friend: I just won in my game!

You:Distant, man!
by quotable d February 14, 2019
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A person who you feel drawn towards and have a strong appreciation for but nevertheless you are satisfied with your distant and perhaps non-existent relationship.
The guy at my bus stop is my distant admirer, dang, he always looks so cute.
by sophadelic July 14, 2014
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A writer who was born in one country and had to leave her motherland for certain reasons and became a citizen of another one and writes about the people, culture etc. of her original country with the help of her imagination.
So, the manner of trying to imagine and describe about the motherland and its people deserves esteem. I think that we should coin a new term, i.e. “distant-author” and add it to Lahiri’s name since she, being a part of another country, has taken the help of ‘imagination’ and depicted her India the way she has wanted to; the writer must have every possible right to paint the world the way he/she thinks appropriate.
by Rajeeb2014 January 16, 2013
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When an individual has physical attributes that are normally celebrated; slim waste, thick hair, proportiante face; things that are visible from a distance, but when one approaches this individual at a closer distance, the less attractive qualities are uncovered; facial acne, halitosis, annoying voice.
Dude Jim, I was really excited when Todd was about to introduce me to his cousin, but when she walked closer from hot topic, I realized the girl was totally distant hot once she started talking and I saw that spacious gap between her teeth
by LMONEY05 September 20, 2010
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