Something stupid that urban dictionary always pleads you to look up.
look up any word, like your name
by ghettoguy September 19, 2012
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Your Name is an anime movie, which was and is and will be famous in Japan, and other countries too. It topped the charts and still remains a legend in the anime world. A lot of people are watching it again. It was released in 2017. It's about a boy and a girl whose bodies changed with each other. The genre is romance, btw. Watch it. It's fun. Search it up yourself if you want more info, cause I don't want to list boring things like the production company and stuff.
A: Hey, you watch Your Name?
B: Yea, obviously! It's second place in Japan right now, after Spirited Away by Ghibli Studios!
by Anime pain April 8, 2019
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1. Something Urban Dictionary always suggests that you look up. In fact, you're probably only here because of that. In fact, you're probably that kid that, when reading pre-written speeches or books, always read "And then *insert your name here* got hit by a truck" and didn't insert your name.

You rebel.

2. Also happens to be something that that scumbag ex of yours has tattooed on his bicep.
Stephen: Hey whats your name?
Stephanie: Kissm Yass
by *Insert your name here* April 14, 2013
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a Japanese masterpiece. Practically a new way to look at things. I recommend.
person 1: hey what are you watching? i just hear weir shouts in an inaudible language.
by bangtanlover December 4, 2018
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An phrase that indicates that something is reserved for the specified person. Does not mean that it literally has the person's name written on it.
Carlos: "Hey Jose I found this awesome nametag with your name on it."
Jose: "Let me see it... What the fuck man, it says 'Bob Saget' on it."
Carlos: "AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I got you good, you fucker!!!"
Jose: "Just shut up and help me finish unclogging the shitter."
by Nick D July 14, 2004
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Yup, you searched your name and this popped up. How ya like that?
Wow your name is existent

Wow yeah
by Spider Fan November 23, 2019
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