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A "hard one" is given in middle school to someone when they say or do something really stupid. In order to give a hard one, you must announce it by saying "that's a hard one!" You then get behind the victim and push their head down. The victim can counter a hard one by saying "self serve", and they are allowed to give themself the hard one, as hard or soft as they wish. You can also say "no self serve" before they have a chance to say self serve, to make sure you can get them hard. You can also say "wiitness", allowing others who see this going on to say "witness", to also give the victim a hard one. The victim can call "no witness", given you have not already called it.
In math class, the teacher explained our assignment and then right after, Brett asked her what the assignment was. We then gave him a hard one.
by Big M February 22, 2004
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When someone messes up or does something/ says something really stupid or dumb, a hard one is necessary to right the wrong. A hard one us performed by wrapping two fingers around the back of the neck and ripping your fingers across the entire back of the neck thus giving a burning sensation. If lesson is not learned, a second hard one is necessary. If it's extremely dumb, the entire room can participate in the hardest of ones.
Jamal missed so badly that he lost our only ball. "That's a hard one."
by AndImChaz October 27, 2020
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A stock expression from the vocabulary of baseball slang. The 'high hard one' is a fastball pitch delivered high in or above the strike zone - an intimidating pitch because of its speed and proximity to the batter's face and head. By extension, anything frightening or painful.
"I'm through playing around now. Let's see how he likes the high hard one."
by Paul_B July 13, 2006
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