the epitome of a true dollface. a wonderful term of endearment.
Oh, thanks for buying me a beer you little gemstone.
by CoCoNugFace July 11, 2008
Being high af whilst admiring valuable gemstones
Bro I caught Sandra in the jewelry store and she was completely gemstoned
by Spencer's June 17, 2017
A text based fantasy game. This is often played by executing an alt-tab during Counter-Strike scrims and matches at crucial moments. This soon creates violent individuals who forget to pick up a +5 Armor, which affects their gameplay in Counter-Strike.
Dave stop playing gemstone 3 in the match right now.
by monsta March 13, 2003
Heroine. GemStone IV is actually a misleading term. GemStone III was the original beta version of the drug, while GemStone IV is actually the full version. Often disguised cleverly as a glitzy fantasy roleplaying game.
"Should I go to work and pay for the kid's food, or do GemStone IV?"
by LadyHydralisk April 15, 2004
Crack, as in the drug. Sometimes referred to as a "highly addictive roleplaying game"
"Oh man this is just like GemStone, I am so addicted!"
by LadyHydralisk April 15, 2004