A best friend you will never lose.
Is a person who will not leave you unless you leave them.
She loves you untill U die.
She is shy, caring, tallented, loving and one of the only people who will love U no matter what.

She treats U with respect and will do anything for you
Rebekah has the love of a million hearts
by Varny Scoletto November 10, 2019
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Your bestfriend she is always by your side and is hallarious and can be embarrassing to her peers she is not shy at all to people her age but people older than her makes her a little nervous
Adult 1: Rebekah what is the answer to number 3?
Rebekah: uhhh....a...(she said softly)
by Marie Carson September 27, 2017
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Sex Goddess: Beautiful. Blonde Bombshell. Mindblowingly good at sex in bed. A party girl. Gets what she wants and is known to turn heads where ever she goes. Best kisser. Loves music and sex. Sexy.
Name is from the Bible. Rebekah is the Hebrew name for "bound" because she was Issac's wife.

"I had f*cking amazing sex last night with a Rebekah, man!"

"Dude, check out that Rebekah in the corner."

"That girl's a real Rebekah."
by Crystal Faerie 07 September 6, 2008
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Usually it's a name you should be moaning all night long. Some type of chick that you'll want to wake up next to in the morning. She will give you the best orgasms you have ever had in a long time. Faithful chick. Usualy are very picky on who they marry, only like to be with SEXY people such as Brigittes. Loves the day 21408 forever and ever. Loves to make-out in the movie theaters and make fun of white people. When she goes to the park she is very random "Squirrel" she says. She can give lots of people boners and she'll have you begging for more ;)
Ohhh Rebekah, yess yess. Mhhhh baby baby. Smack that ass.
by FutureStripper ;) June 22, 2009
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Someone who really gets it. She is a wonderful friend but even better lover. She is HILARIOUS! and everyone around her absorbs her stellar energy. Sometimes so much that it can make her feel exhausted after being around a large crowd for long periods of time. But she loves it. And she will love you if you let her.

Most likely will end up with a man named Wyatt or (Wylie Jo)
Usually the team captain, leader or some other sort of élite status. She's the one everyone wants. She's the one everyone loves. She's the one!
Guy 1: Hey have you seen that new girl that's been coming around?
Guy 2: Yeah I have she's really desirable. Plus I also heard she's charming and funny and smart and cool.
Guy 1: Yeah she's a total Rebekah.
Guy 2: She's definitely a Rebekah.
by guesswhoitsnotbeckyorisit? January 16, 2021
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The nicest girl you will ever meet she has dark brown hair with brown eyes and a beautiful smile. She will always be by your side no matter what and will help through any issue. She is usually best friends with a layla because they have much in common and are prefect friends and will be forever.
Girl: omg she is so sweet
Girl 2: yeah thats rebekah
by Therandomhatedgirl April 24, 2021
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Sexy redhead with a bangin bod. Boys foam at the mouth for her, she's an aggressive lover, loves to bite, is very flirtatious even when shes not trying, awesome personality. Shes a hot sexy girl that turns on not only guys but girls too. If you catch a "Rebekah" in your net, keep her! You'll only regret letting her go!
That girl is so smokin fine, she must be a rebekah
by jamesArt December 23, 2011
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