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1) an awesome purple mineral

2) a girl who is beautiful beyond belief. Often mistaken for an angel, Amethyst has a certain glow about her. She is extremely intelligent but also has a naughty side. She is extremely stubborn and will always be true to herself. No regrets when it comes to Amethyst. People are easily drawn to her and her angelic charm.
1) she had an amethyst necklace

2) Amethyst is basically the universal definition of dream girl.
by SemoPrice February 09, 2010
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(1)Extremely cool and adorkable girl. Usually is seen reading classic novels and listening to indie rock. This particular person has the ability to be intelligent, but act completely stupid at the same time. Often misunderstood

(2)The purple gemstone which is also the birthstone for February.
Holy hell! That girl is incredibly amethyst!
by Ammy Kennedy May 31, 2007
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Amethyst is a smart, funny, beautiful girl who doesn't know what she's worth. She's in love with Harry Potter books and movies. Her favorite band of right now is One Direction or Cady Groves. She has an amazing voice but is shy about it. She's a great friend, but doesn't know the extent of that. I love her and she can never know.
That girl looks like an Amethyst!
by It's-a-secret January 16, 2012
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A purple or violet gemstone. Is a colored variety of quartz, caused by iron and aluminum content within the stone. It is the birthstone of February.
One of my favorite gemstones has always been the amethyst, but I think that it's pretty stupid that they make you pay so damn much for some colored quartz, which if clear would have been useless as a precious gem.
by skyclaw441 July 28, 2008
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Amethyst could be referred to as a person who is a mutant. A pirate fish or a rabbit fish. Not always however as they could also be called Indie Rock girls or Rockers!
Shes such an Amethyst
by Richard Farlander October 09, 2007
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