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Amethyst is a beautiful , intelligent , and smart girl . Her names comes out the bible and is a purple stone also a stone that is on the gates of heaven .She is a very fun person to be around . She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid of anyone . She doesn’t care about what anyone says or thinks about her . She’s very much of an undercover person as well . She has ALOT of haters ,but dont take her quietness for a weakness because she won’t do alot of talking she will get straight to fightin with anybody , anywhere at anytime . She doesn’t take bullshit from anybody what so ever . Yeah .. she’s more a mama’s girl 😭 . Anyways, Amethyst is a strong , powerful , kindhearted , very loyal women , date her and u will instantly fall in love .
The beautiful women wore a Amethyst necklace .
by Fifina October 21, 2018
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(noun) A successful type of theft which results in an acceptable, impressive and rewarding payday for the protagonist.
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by Nikki Stixx January 18, 2021
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1) an awesome purple mineral

2) a girl who is beautiful beyond belief. Often mistaken for an angel, Amethyst has a certain glow about her. She is extremely intelligent but also has a naughty side. She is extremely stubborn and will always be true to herself. No regrets when it comes to Amethyst. People are easily drawn to her and her angelic charm.
1) she had an amethyst necklace

2) Amethyst is basically the universal definition of dream girl.
by SemoPrice February 09, 2010
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(1)Extremely cool and adorkable girl. Usually is seen reading classic novels and listening to indie rock. This particular person has the ability to be intelligent, but act completely stupid at the same time. Often misunderstood

(2)The purple gemstone which is also the birthstone for February.
Holy hell! That girl is incredibly amethyst!
by Ammy Kennedy May 31, 2007
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Amethyst is a smart, funny, beautiful girl who doesn't know what she's worth. She's in love with Harry Potter books and movies. Her favorite band of right now is One Direction or Cady Groves. She has an amazing voice but is shy about it. She's a great friend, but doesn't know the extent of that. I love her and she can never know.
That girl looks like an Amethyst!
by It's-a-secret January 16, 2012
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This is a girl that is just beautiful she is really nice and will brighten your day she is extremely smart too many are attracted to this girl and might not even say a word to her about it although every guy in her school likes her she will always be attracted to some dumb guy that dosnt even like her I would love to be with amethyst but it just doesn’t work out. And she got a fine ass booty
I wish I could have a amethyst
by Big Ricky June 23, 2019
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