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Someone with loads of music tastes but if he doesn't like a song you show him, he'll never tell you. You probably also don't like most of his songs. Depressed as fuck and will tell you he is, but in a happy manner and almost never in depth. Very joking and can't be serious in serious situations. Loves nature and making memories but has the social battery of a fucking dollar store triple A goddamn battery and will shut down as soon as it's on 5 percent. He can pull a story about his life out of his asshole and make it sound interesting as fuck. Creative and artistic. Hardcore bisexual and clumsy when he thinks hes about to look so cool. Has the worst anxiety at the worst times and will fight someone in the denny's parking lot for you. He will remember the most funny, heartwarming, embarrassing and hurtful things about you. But easygoing as fuck and doesn't really keep a grudge. But he can and will cut you out of his life if you cross at least three lines.

Oh and did I mention gay?
He's also gay.
Doesn't smell like burnt fucking chiCKEN
Hey who's that?
Oh that's Andrius.
Oh wow he smells nice and not like bURNT FUCKING CHICKEN
by Turtleman527 May 1, 2021
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Probably religious. Gets sleepy really early and very randomly but I promise she's not narcoleptic. Doesn't curse and eats like a bird. She once found a really old lip balm in her car and got really excited about it. Or maybe she didn't, idk, all rebekahs' are different. This one spells her name with a K, so it's really just a roll of the dice
Hey what time is rebekah supposed to be here?
She's here, she's just asleep somewhere
*Distant sleep noises*
by Turtleman527 May 1, 2021
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