A biblical name yet very deceptive. At first sight you think beauty, innocence, nurturing. Rebekah will go to your ass without remorse. She's sarcastic, mouth like a sailor, will make you regret waking up that morning, but still you can't quit looking at her, she somehow makes you crave her. The "reb", is short for rebel. She doesn't walk a straight line, rebellious, as long as the cause is harmless. She fears authority or getting caught. Shes on that nigga time, Always late, but worth the wait. She's a ride or die, she'll have your back but if you ever cross her, you better watch your's. Beautiful, charming. If you're lucky enough to have a chance with her, it's because she's been watching you and saw you coming, long before you got the courage to ask. Beware, she keeps guard. If crossed, angered or threatened she has unrivaled defenses and a just as deadly offense. She will hit you in places you didn't know existed. Amazing sex, she comes out as shy but by the end you"ll be fucking like wild animals, aggressive, choking, slapping, pulling hair, filthy mouth telling you to give her all that dick mother fucker!
Damn bro! Did you see Rebekah? That mother fucker was coming down the aisle at the Dollar Store toward me and I said "what up girl". Man that bitch turnt round, smiled at me this real sexy look in her eyes, kicked me right in the nuts and said ,"well it ain't gonna be your little dick reggin|d. "! .....Damn she hot as hell!
by CockslangerOG February 13, 2016
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the hottest girl alive. she is short but has huge boobs. she is very sexy
She is such a Rebekah.
by who i want November 19, 2010
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A girl that's awesome in every way possible. She may not be perfect but she is just right. She is the type of girl to smile at the thought of her.
Rebekah is so cute, I wish I could take her to the dance.
by BIGGEST DICK 2233 March 10, 2019
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Rebekahs are very horny and have active love lives. They also tend to be players, and many are attracted to them. Many boys are caught staring at them. The phrase "unrequited love" is often thrown around when talking about them. Tends to be decently intelligent, but more interested in specific boys. Others are left hanging.
Person 1: yo look at Rebekahs ass bro
Person 2: too bad she's in a relationship with someone else
Person 1: *listens to muffin song*
by yaboizz catgod March 6, 2019
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To be a Rebekah is to be someone who constantly causes banter. They're someone who is overly sarcastic, witty and can sometimes come across as bitchy or rude.
She's being a Rebekah
by bitch2189 August 8, 2016
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The best people in history. Rebekah's are strong with the force. They are strong physically and mentally. Everyone likes them and they are known for there modesty. They are typically friends with people named Halle and Brianna. Although they sometimes get bitten by dogs they are incredibly good with animals.
I try to be like Rebekah.
by June 6, 2022
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