A keep it casj keep it cool kinda gal. 10/10 defo would recommend. Slightly obsessed with Beyoncé but is adorable
You’re obsessed with Beyoncé like a Rebekah
by BeyoncéKnowlesCarter September 13, 2021
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Ultimate mom Stealer fursona bubbles has bbc
Aka: Bekah Beatrice Cun.......
Rebekah: give me you mom
Sam: no that my mom you can't have her
by Rebekahcunninham January 12, 2023
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A woman from the Bible who was married to Isaac and she only "knew" one man with whom she produced fraternal twins (Jacob later called Israel and Esau later called the white man)

A virgin (never married) and untouched (never had sex) until after she was married to Isaac.

Rebekah never allowed her husband to have a second wife after her, no concubines, she is always the first wife, and the only wife.
Rebekah did not give Isaac any other woman to wife.
by Vita Smart April 15, 2023
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she thick she thick
she’s very black “rebekah “ loves cotton
by cashaylaaa July 26, 2023
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