A person who hates anyone different from them based upon nothing more than their own personal insecurities. Will argue that color, religious preference, gender, and a multitude of other idiotic reasons are the basis for their superiority while dismissing the fact that they are ill bred simpletons.
Example: I am a racist. I hate myself because these people are smarter, faster, and have a better tan than I! I don’t know them at all so I protect the ignorant teachings of my parents by not thinking for myself.
by Nana@yourass June 05, 2018
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A label given to a person, or group of people who hate/dislike those who belong to a different race. This typically applies to hatred based on skin-color.
by AYB February 12, 2003
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insecure, ignorant, people with no other task in life but to degrade and demean people of a different race but really only degrade themselves unless they are around other racists
Person1: that guy over there is a racists

Person2: he said that all (certain reace of people) are dimb


P1: That guy is sooooooo racist

P2: why did you say that?

P1: he said (certain race of people) are better than everyone else
by Cbreezy145 December 22, 2008
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the true deffinition is believing that one race is superior to all other. Hatred without reason of another race. ETC.
SADLY today that has changed.
In todays world this is what makes you racist:
Mentioning race in any way
Not being totally politically correct
Supporting your race
Being white
Telling a racist joke
Judging by hair color
Disliking something someone likes
As you can see this word is grossly over-used and mis-used. It's truly pathetic. I pity the world. The truth is racism is ignorance and is bad. But not everything is racism and not everything has to be about race. Hope you learned something!
Real example of racist
racist: (insert race here) is better than every other race. I think that (insert different race) people are disgusting and horrible and should die.

Idiot's example of racist:
person: I don't like blondes
idiot: OMG RACIST!

guy: I hate Green Day.

dude: My friend is black
idiot: OMG RACIST!

man: I'm white

woman: I'm proud of my race

stranger: So an (insert race) guy walks into a bar....
idiot: OMG RACIST!

by i speak truth August 24, 2006
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someone who thinks that people of other ethnicities are inherently inferior to one's own.
Racists can occur within any ethnicity, and no one ethnicity as a whole is racist. In fact, to say that all members of a given ethnicity are racist, or that all racists are of a given ethnicity, that is, well... racist. Talk about being no better than those you complain about...
by member of the HUMAN race May 11, 2003
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Someone who drives a race car for a living.

Derived from the word:

race - noun. A competition of speed, as in running or riding.

and the suffix:

ist - One that performs a specified action
Hey NASCAR is on! Let's watch all the racists go around the track in their race cars!

Look at that guy in the race car... he is such a racist!
by Flubba bubba boo April 18, 2005
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A person that obligingly benefits from historical racial privilege. This can be someone who benefits (consciously or unconsciously) the blatantly racist status quo by supporting it or simply not fighting it. NOTE: Black Americans, Asian-Americans, Indian-Americans, Latino-Americans, therefore, cannot be racist; they can be hateful or vengeful, but NEVER racist for they do not have the historical power/pretext.
In a world without affirmative action, all "qualified" white people who entered college without considering the context/their inherited privilege would be racist.

The unconscious racist does not think about the American penal system: modern-day enslavement, free labor, ethnic cleansing.

Many Chinese still see the Japanese culture as embedded with racism due to the years of imperial control and maltreatment they inflicted on other Asian cultures.
by ElleM April 09, 2007
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