To drink and shop at the same time.
Before heading to the mall to buy shoes they made a pit stop at the liquor store to start thier shrinking.
by Elle Thomas June 29, 2007
Shrinking is when you're high, stoning and listening to music, usually reggea.
"dude I was shrinking last night, good weed man"
"this weed will make you shrink man"
by big munk al 420 April 10, 2014
a therapist; comes from "brain shrinker"
My shrink says I have an Oedipal complex.
by lily November 19, 2003
1. verb: to decrease in size
2. a psychiatrist or mental doctor
1. the cold water made my balls shrink
2. that crazy bitch should go see a shrink
by mattyo November 14, 2003
1. (v): to decrease in size.
2. (n): a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist.
3. (n): a slang term for retail theft, commonly used in the retail industry, especially by loss/theft prevention personnel.
1. "I've got some crazy shrinkage going on."
2. "My shrink told me I need to take some pills. So I told him to fuck off and die and I threw a molotov cocktail into his living room."
3. "An estimated 44% of shrink (retail theft) in 2008 was due to employee theft."
by Interceptor 22 April 9, 2011
A therapist, one in the mental health profession, a "headshrinker"
Dude, I can't go out tomorrow night, I gotta meet with my shrink, he thinks I am depressed.
by Rosebello October 13, 2008
Someone who matches your symptoms to whatever random disorder they've just pulled out of their ass.
My shrink told me I get SAD over winter and now I have to sell my car so she can tell me how much I suck each week.
by Gumba Gumba April 6, 2004