someone that is mysterious, yet attractive to you that made you want to know more about their world. even more, being a part of its world.
Is he your black?
Yes, he is my black.
- I want to be someone's black like she/he used to be
by pitpapitpiu January 07, 2021
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1. Substitute phrase for "my nigga" to avoid use of the word "nigga" since most ppl are offended whether they are black or not but if they arent black they are mad because they cant say "nigga".
2. my friend, homie
by Chase from SLC July 23, 2009
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refering to literaly to get on your knees and kiss a nigga's ass

usualy used after you ask a nigga somthing they dont want to do
me:Hey ShaWonda, i think its time you give me a BJ

ShaWonda:Well you can kiss my black ass, cracka
by Nagger H8a February 23, 2005
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Something people started saying after Barack Obama was elected as president. President Obama is actually half white, with the other half being black African. Fox News accuses him of being a Soviet despite having no idea what Marxism-Leninism even is.
by kmfr November 03, 2010
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An idiotic term used by uneducated young African-Americans who support President Barack Hussein Obama ONLY becuase of his race and could give a crap if his economic policies will turn the United States into the Soviet Union. The recent stimulus package has already outspent Bush's Iraq War after his first month in office driving this nation's debt into the sky and it's citizens into the ground. Or that he just realeased a buch of terrorists and plans on brining them onto American soil.

The "My President Is Black" people would support Obama even if he shot their mother just because he's the first black (and half) white President of the United States.
Latino student: Obama's economic policies will take money from hard-working people to give to lazy wellfare moms who can't keep their legs closed.

Black student: I wouldn't care if he bombed my house. My President Is Black! That's all I care about.
by FreakyLocz14 March 20, 2009
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To show complete and utter disapproval for something suggested or offered. Emphasis is shown on describing the ass intended for receiving the kiss. Usually used by people of color or "black men".
Guy: "Hey Kareem, can I have your Xbox 360 for free?"

Kareem: "...kiss my big black mocha ass"
by TheHomieUD November 02, 2008
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