Criticize; comment on in an unflattering manner
Do not unjustly criticise as it is wrong to point out wrongs!
by Hercolena Oliver January 23, 2009
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A great campaign which began in China in 1973, in order to criticise and repudiate the revisionist line of the renegade Lin Biao, a rightist and an opportunist who had 'waved the red flag to take the red flag down' and peddled bourgeois and Confucian ideals in order to subvert the proletarian dictatorship. In 1971 this rat tried to launch a coup against Chairman Mao, but failed and subsequently died in a plane crash in Mongolia while trying to flee to the fascist Brezhnevite Soviet Union (NOVWL). The campaign was part of the broader Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, and shook the remnants of bourgeois culture and feudal mentality in China, dealing a harsh blow to the revisionist line as workers criticised Lin and the ancient slave owner representative Confucius, and began to build a new socialist consciousness. As expected, it was ended by the fascists when they seized power in their 1976 counter-revolution. It remains a great example for oppressed masses around the world, with the GPCR itself being the greatest step towards the ultimate goal of communism.
Red Tsar: "I use Linux btw."

Jack: "Did you know that Linux was a product of the Criticise Lin, Criticise Confucius campaign in socialist China, and that it actually stands for 'Lin Sucks'? Trust me, I'm for real!."
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