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people who treat other races differently (usually in a hateful way) only because of something as ignorant and default as their race. they don't take time to actually get to know the person, they discriminate or automatically judge by how that person looks like. there are, however, reasons for people to be racists, and racism will always exist as long as there is more than one race, and as long as we as humans are only humans. despite how racists recieve a lot of negative feedback in society today, there are still many. an infamous racist organization is the K.K.K. a popular reason for racism, and why the 'white man' is stereotyped as racist, is because of white supremacy, whom also believe that people who are not white should not be in America. what these people don't realize is that being a true American isn't about your skin colour, it is about how you are brought up in America. just because you are Asian does not mean that you go "A CHING CHING GONG CHONG!", just like how not all whites are racists. but despite what people try to do to eliminate racism in a free country like America, there will always be arrogance that funds racism. whoo hooo! fantastic.
W.A.R. white aryan resistance is also a racist organization, bent on bringing 'justice to the aryan race'. the leader, Tom Metzger, is the cause of many hate crimes against non aryans. but understanding is what people need most. but just because racists in general have views that are considered arrogant by popular definition, doesn't mean that they're crazy white men holding up signs and saying that if you're not white, you're going straight to Hell. we should take time to understand WHY exactly they are racist, because most have had very bad experiences with people of other races, and find race a rational reason.
by supperrr June 03, 2007
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