To join a group of people with the hopes of making lasting connections. To pay for the admission to a club to try and create a dynamic social circle. Sometimes someone on social welfare and also hold other socially beneficial roles to beat the system. These people are know to double wad are twice basting.
Jenny's small and eccentric social circle caused her to consider social welfare.

After weeks of loneliness, and self harm, Greg decided social welfare might cure his need for comraderie.
by SsTtUu May 16, 2011
Slang for a Fiat Punto. Generally driven by knackers, scobes and boy racers, though most of the aforementioned are usually one and the same. As a result, they are cheap, unreliable and rust after a few years.

See also Honda Civic.
Fucking Social Welfare Mobile cut me off at the Magic roundabout.
by Snake February 1, 2006