A retarded way to spell 'convenience' made up by a fatneek also known as KSI.
Person 1: "Isn't convenience spelled 'convience'?"
Person 2: "How dumb are you, little monkey brain?"
by Berrrrry123 April 25, 2021
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noggers, black people with braids with an attractive appreance that makes people say....whHOWHoahWHoaho
oh man, look at all the convience, i cant breath!
by ushani July 29, 2003
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A place where you're robbed of your faith in humanity because you realize how many people don't know how to spell the word "convenience."
Guy 1: Lemme tell you 'bout this Convience Store I went to the other day.

Guy 2: You mean the Convenience Store?
by lostallfaith October 26, 2018
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A small store which has a lot of candy and other junk food. It also has coffee and other caffine filled beverages. some of them have bathrooms which are dirty as shit and smell worse. A lot of them are next to gas stations so you get sucked in to the store and buy a shit load of candy when you see it. The most famous probably being 7 11 but a lot are just one-of-a-kind stores which are basically the same as 7 11. They are also targeted for crime like shop lifting or a simple cash register robbery.
guy 1: I went into a convience store the other day went to the shitty bathroom, bought too much candy and when i was almost out the door some guy robbed the cash register

guy 2: who are you?
by someguy292 October 24, 2010
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someone who is your last resort to hang out with, and only because no one else could come or answer.
Mark: "Why were you hanging out with Scott the other day"
Tom: "Well you know, hes my convience buddy, so we hung out cause u werent around"
Mark: "Oh yeah."
Tom: "He annoyed the fuck out of me though, he'll never stop talking."
by mickeyd23 February 20, 2011
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