When you look up porn with your boys on your enemies' laptop when he leaves to take a piss and wank each other off on the laptop screen
A: Yo bruh you wanna do qwerting on Jim's laptop when he leaves?
B: yeah bruh just remember no homo bruh
A: Yeah bruh
by jimbo609 June 12, 2019
the combination of queefing and sqwerting
dude she was qwerting so much
by qwertonion March 7, 2021
a person who is obsessed with typing on a phone with a QWERTY keyboard.
Jim:"Ok bye Gina! I'll text you when you get home!"

Gina:"Why not just call me you fuckin QWERT!"
by vickersfan November 14, 2009
An exclamation, said emphatically, when a person is feeling awkward.
After tripping over your own feet, one would say, "Qwert!"

awkward weird silly embarrassed
by Lehuanani Kalua'u June 27, 2010
A man who likes women slightly but is 99% feminin
He has a girlfried but he still paints his nails
by bill hugby May 3, 2005
to shit out of your vagina
My girlfriend qwerted while i was fingering her
by hophophop October 2, 2008