A state of mind brought on by experiencing a different state of consciousness- mostly through vast changes in perception, senses and thought patterns. Tripping is usually experienced through the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin- but can also be experienced naturally as well. This is because psychedelic drugs are supposed to break down the filters of the mind i.e 'thought at large' which are believed to eliminate unnecessary thought patterns. Because the mind (including the alleged filters) were not fully developed in youth, tripping could sometimes happen naturally as a result. And if you don't believe me or think it's impossible, then read the example... you'll know what I'm talking about :)
When I was younger, the world seemed a more vibrant place. It was much easier to daydream or lose myself in my thoughts, or imagine things as though they were real. Music felt really alive, as though it connected with me somehow, and I could spend hours following every crevice in the pavement on the way home from school... where now I couldn't care less. That is how I viewed the world as a child... but having matured since then those abilities have been lost as a result. Tripping makes you more aware of all the details that pass us by- and whether it's through drugs or natural causes, tripping is a great way to realize all the finer things around us that we normally take for granted :)
by Firelovesugar May 14, 2009
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Experiencing the effects of a psychedelic substance, or effects reminiscent of the psychedelic experience.
I was tripping on shrooms the other day and I became one with the universe.
by wonder wingnut April 2, 2011
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A psychological phenomenon in which a person can feel an even higher-than-normal state of emotion due to some repeated external stimulus. The physical traits of a person who is currently in this state is someone who has become neurotic and is reacting emotionally over a seemingly small and irrelevant detail in reality, movie, song or a book.

All people "trip out" naturally during their youth and sub-consciously develop psychological blocks to prevent themselves from tripping out. People destroy these sub-conscious blocks and/or blocking ability by using legal and/or illegal drugs. It has not been established which drugs in particular create this psychological state but it is suspect all drugs will do this if enough of the particular substance has been taken by the particular person. It also depends on the particular person who uses the drugs as the effects of illegal drugs differ from person to person as no two people's bodily chemistrys are the same.
The young girls seemed to be tripping out on the television show called the "Smurfs" due to it's usage of the word "smurf" as a pro-noun, noun, verb and adverb.

Between the two individuals who had ingested equal amounts of the combination of drugs, the smaller, shorter one appeared to be tripping out harder than the larger, taller one.

Tripping out appears to be fun for the moment but too much tripping out in everyday life can be destructive to a person's ability to focus on everyday life such as work or relationships. Didn't anyone tell you that drugs are bad?
by zerexun February 26, 2007
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when one is in a serious state of disarray, as when under the effects of drugs; but sometimes drug-free situations can induce tripping also
I'm tripping over my last midterm grade; I'm headed for some serious failability.
by 108 December 5, 2001
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To travel with the goal of meeting local people, as popularized by social network Tripping.com.
"We went tripping through Europe last summer and met some locals who invited us to their house parties and took us to cool underground bars."

"Going tripping beats being a tourist."
by boingboing88 January 22, 2010
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To be under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD.
Man! That plane looks like its gunna crash and kill a few niggas! Shit, I'm tripping!
by NiggerJoe August 18, 2006
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