One who is bad at dota and tft melee, giving the team he is playing for a severe disadvantage.

See nub, noob, flamer.
Did you see that nub get ownt by Puffs yesterday? What a qwert!
by PuffsPlus December 15, 2004
Usually known as: a ''Bum'' or ''Party-Pooper'' or ''Jerk''
Usually not said in a nice way..
Qwert Witness: GOSH! Wade's being such a qwert!
Person 2: What's he doing?
Qwert Witness: He's just complaining about how his life is so boring. taking it out on me
Person 2: Sucks for you
Someone moronic or clumsy; an ignorant person, jackass; someone who never learns; too stupid to know they did something wrong.
That qwert got hit by a bus in a schoolzone!
by BurnoutLS13 December 28, 2005
a funny but absolutley dumb and pointless point marked by lol then silence
That was such a qwert moment
by Rachael February 3, 2004
a person who lacks sexual interest or humor; opposite of pervert
Don't be such a qwert, just look at this Playboy!
by Alexxx August 24, 2003
used if you have noting to say or just to be funni
Mr.Wattg:uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh qwert niop
JOE MAMA:you are HI R E D