noun, synonymous for hella fucking ballstothewall awesome
Dude, did you see Green Hornet yesterday?" "No, but I heard it was qwert
by Grritstiff January 16, 2011
She qwerted while being fingering by her boyfriend.
by giarc c August 1, 2003
The qwert spent 82 straight hours playing video games on his computer
by Samuel June 2, 2003
a complex combination of actions a very kinky freak would demand his or her sex partner (usually with a vagina and a fat ass) to perform for his or her sexual pleasure. it consists of three steps: first, the queef, then, the twerk, and lastly the squirt, which results in a beautiful,psychedelic masterpiece known as the qwert.

man: come on bitch! qwert fa me!!!

hoe: damn daddy, don't gotta get all confrontational and shiid
*proceeds to qwert*

man: look at the colors...ohhmahhgaww!! iooon buh-leee dis!!
*smacks her ass with his fat dick*
by Ava Lolitaa April 19, 2009
Adding random letters, numbers an symbols in a phrase or text, posted on a Forum.
jack: Omg, his car is awesome lolsd\!!!!1!!!1!!!!1111!!!wrktftftftzzz.

Jill: Stop Qwerting !
by loadrunner December 21, 2008
When a female qweefs and vaginal fluids spurt out as a result of the qweef
Holy shit! Did you see that girl qwert. Were going to need paper towels asap.
by dashizdocta December 31, 2010
Totally awesome, rad or horrible. It can mean anything really. and if you notice, the "q w e r t" keys on the keyboard go in oreder.
Calm the qwerts down!

You are so qwertsy.

Such a qwertser.
by hellokenni October 9, 2011