The act of cumming or the semen itself.
example 1.
Guy1. I'll hit you so hard you'll qwert your self!
guy2. Bring it on qwert monkey!
example 2.
Guy1. that dog's humping your leg
Guy2. Ughh, there's dog qwert on my leg!
Guy1. You fucking idiot
by JB* June 2, 2006
To ejaculate. It is also the first 5 letters on the keybourd.
I'm so horny, I really need to Qwert!
by Happy_Cow October 24, 2011
A unit of distance between keys on a keyboard. Adjacent keys are one qwert apart.
Since F and L are five qwerts apart, nobody believed Rick's claim that his text was unintentional.
by Fabtastico May 24, 2021
A verb, used when a rather tragic female is dancing. It is a combination of the three words below:
1. Quiff- vagina fart
2. Twerk- Nasty butt shaking
3. Squirt- A cumming sensation females get when pleased

These all make up QWERT.
Girl 'qwert' that booty.
Qwert derives from the top left corner of the keyboard, but really means 'like Nina.' Or, funky, funny, cool, dorky, weird, or just all over the place.
That new girl at school is sooooooo qwerty.
by neenbeen November 21, 2004
Qwert is a substitution for the word fuck, or can be used to describe someone as a whore, so they are Qwerty, or are a Qwert. It has endless meanings and can be thrown into almost any sentence.
"Qwert off asshole."
"She really is a qwert isn't she..."
"Go qwert yourself."
by Evan Rapier September 7, 2004