You're so bored you went on Urban Dictionary to look up keyboard.
by Not A. Jew March 31, 2009
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the thing you used to go to this website dipshit
you used the keyboard to get here what the fuck do you think it is
by Lamoypy August 30, 2018
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A thing attached or plugged into a laptop or pc that allows the user to type
by FortnitePro2001 March 18, 2022
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A medieval form of torture.

In its modern incarnation, the keyboarding victim is placed within earshot of a piano student doing finger exercises and practicing musical scales.

Keyboarding always outperforms more modern, physical forms of torture such as water-boarding. Spies trained to withstand physical torture always crack under the strain of keyboarding.
“AAAAAH!! That kid next door keeps practicing musical scales!

I can’t take it anymore.
We’ve got to move someplace where there are no pianos!! AAAaaaaah!

That realtor said she could make us sell. Hurry… get her on the phone while I keep my ears covered!
Yes. Yes. We’ll sell now. Yes… you can have a 20% commission! Aaaaaah! Make it stop! Whatever you want… just stop the keyboarding.


by pianocheater April 14, 2014
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What you currently have in front of you. Commonly used to input words into a computer.
Wow! There's a keyboard in front of me right now!
by thlalyi February 7, 2003
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1.the only thing, besides your penis, that's in your hands right now.
2. apparently it is a weapon (see the movie WANTED)
oh bro could you hold my keyboard for me? no, not that the other thing.
by ZBreezy June 29, 2009
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Wat u just now used to type the letters K E Y B O A R D ....
I dont know wat a keyboard is....but im using one right now...!
by ManOfHell May 22, 2008
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