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a place where every evil old person in the world goes to mingle and ruin the lives of young adults trying to live off of minimum wage.
"hank, i need to go to Price chopper to get my prune juice and saltines.
by kate December 25, 2004
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where ur manager has the education of a 10th grader. where the customers are so stupid they cant tell when a registers light is off that means ur closed. where dumb asses go at 3 in the morning 2 buy a 300 dollar order. where people buy the most expensive foods for free with a magical food stamp card. where customers threaten employees of going to Hannaford grocery store when we want them there.
none u already know. price chopper means what i wrote above.
by tp000000139 July 10, 2008
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1.) a place where the entire population of Rutland VT goes on the first of the month to get their free filet mignon and lobster from their foodstamps.
2.)a place where ignorant and stupid middle aged women go to complain about anything and everything with the sole intention of pissing off the employees so these women can have something to do with their pathetic and lonely lives
Oh my God, it's finally the first, don't return the bottles Ethel, we got enough free money for a Five Course meal tonight!

Susie? It's Kelly, Those bastards at Price Chopper didn't give me my 5 cent coupon off, Lets go down there and make a scene for an hour until they give us the coupon and 50 dollars for my inconvenience!
by Anonymous 246 May 19, 2008
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A supermarket chain soon to come under the control of the massively influential Cart Brigade party led by Supervisor Kidd. Chops prices while providing top quality bagels. RIP Crazy Eyes.
"Price Chopper, that's the place that caught on fire, right?"

"Yes, new employee. It caught on the fire of AMBITION AND SUCCESS."
by Cart Brigade Co-Founder Josh October 29, 2006
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