aka RutVegas. Rutland has the weirdest/sketchiest people in the world...just go to the Wal-Mart strip mall and you will believe me.
It is also the highlight of nights out by Camp Betsey Cox and Camp Sangamon campers.
Camper 1: Oh my gossssh, i'm like SO excited for our night out, we get to go to Rutland!
Camper 2: ME TOO OH MY GODDD...i absolutely can't wait to go to RutVegas and get lucky!
by Bekah E November 14, 2006
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The armpit of the state of Vermont, Rutland is unfortunately the second largest city in the state. Dubbed "RutVegas" by many, the town is a complete shit hole, and is filled with countless sketch balls, retards, druggies and socially challenged morons. Just cruise the "RutVegas Strip" (Route 7 south) or the Diamond Run Mall and you will immediately feel uncomfortable and want to leave.
What the fuck?! Why are there so many dirtbags in Rutland?!
by Steve802 October 16, 2009
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Tightest group of guys and loosest group of girls if u know what I mean
Damn these Rutland girls really be sluts
by Bigest cock in town March 31, 2019
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People from the county Rutland in England. Usually a farmer who lives down the pub, watches the rugby and is a massive lad
Na mate, he's a rutlander!
by Justtohelp October 3, 2015
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Vermonts Third largest City. Most of the population is retarded and irritating. My condolences if you have to drive through it. Attracttions include Walgreensm and nightlife includes Dennys.
Somebody slipped me a date rape drug and i woke up in Rutland Vermont.
by Will G. January 25, 2006
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A well appointed and proportioned gentleman's appendage.
Tony smashed in her back doors in with his Rutland Brisket
by Discofingers February 15, 2021
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Easily recognized when spotted on the streets of Rutland wearing pajama bottoms at all times of the day. Two to three generations remain there, and they are therefore well known for their thug older brother/sisters bad reputations. They know everyone else in Rutland, have no shame about dropping names, have red necks, love to drink and fight and truly believe that they are "someone" based on the Big Fish in Small Pond Syndrome.
Ooooh, that girl on the BMX talking on the pay phone at McDonald's is definately Rutland Royalty!
by darkpixie March 30, 2020
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