The correct Plural of ignoramus. Not ignorami.
People who say ignorami are ignoramuses.
by Gumba Gumba February 24, 2004
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It's really difficult for a person who living in a free world to comprehend the extent of the ignorance of the Russians. Decades of propaganda have really done its job, even Joseph Goebbels would've been jealous of such an achievement.

They do not know their history, more precisely; their HONEST history. From lies cannot learn anything and that's why they repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Let's take an example, the Germans are aware of what Nazis did, but these brainwashed tools only know official fairy tails, which they regard as their historiography, although the brutality of the Red Army was no different from that of the Nazis. Today the Russian armed forces are murdering and committing atrocities against civilians in Ukraine at least as effectively as the Red (rape) Army did during WWII. It can hardly be considered as a humane sign that at least it's not yet known that girls under the age of ten have been raped in Ukraine, when their predecessor's orgies usually began from 9-year-olds.

Of course there are reasonable and knowledgeable people in Russia who do not believe blatant lies, unfortunately vatniks and their totalitarian mindset are the majority to keep the war criminal Putler in power - at least so far..
Hopefully the rest of the most gullible fools in the civilized world finally have become aware of how devious the Russian vatniks are since the Ignoramuses' Federation who is murdering, torturing, raping and looting in Ukraine for the second time within a few years.
by O. W. Tongueincheek April 10, 2022
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