A document in which the government gives to people who are on welfare to buy food.
Man, get off those welfare checks and food stamps and get a job!
by Rebecca LaRue October 12, 2003
A man who won't spend any money on a girl.

Stephanie: Why won't you take me out to dinner or buy me a drink.
Danny: I don't want to spend any money on you.
Stephanie: you're a food stamp!
by nielly121 March 9, 2009
(verb) The process of redeeming EBT (food stamp) benefits.
Being the family bread-winner, it was a common practice at every first of the month for John to go food-stamping at the local Sav-A-Lot to obtain groceries for his family.
by Nikki Stixx April 2, 2018
Hood money. used mostly to buy food.
My granny so ghetto, she got food stamps from the atm
by Blacc May 5, 2006
A form of government currency nationally known to lower income class families to purchase food and food products but surprisingly, are used by the wealthy as well.
Checkout Clerk: How will you be paying for this Maam?

Wealthy Chick: (Whispers) "food stamps" and brings out her card like it was a debit card. She's pays for the food and the bag boy takes it to her Mercedez SLK and she drives off.
by Cerebus October 24, 2004
Assistance that low class/poor/broke males females get in order to eat every month.
Damn dont be messin with him , he gets foodstamps.
by Boo February 19, 2005
wat ppl over here (southcentral la) try to trade for money so dey cud buy blunts, alchohol, or cigarettes
cracc head: eh ill give u 5dollars worth of food stamps for dose 2dollas u got right der

little boy: ok
by southcentralian July 27, 2004