A punter that buys or sells a commodity with a hope of making a quick buck, but has no true conviction for the trade.

The only hope for a chopper to succeed is luck!
Martin: "I want to buy Apple shares because they're bound to go up!"
Luca: "Martin, don't be such a chopper!"

Phoebe: "Hey John, what do you think of Omar?"
John: "Omar Naveed Kayaam? He seems okay, but he's such a chopper! He's got no idea what he's doing!"
by Khoei July 8, 2019
Any fully automatic assault rifle that is used during drivebys such as the AK-47 Or Tommy gun.
Michael I got the chopper let's go get this dude!
by DuskVXI May 24, 2016
(1) slang for "helicopter".
first appeared in 1951, during Korean War, as military slang. Term was furthermore popularized during Vietnam War and numerous Vietnam flicks.

(2) Meaning "stripped-down modified motorcycle".
as ridden by Pierce Brosnan in "James Bond - Tomorrow Never Dies". (BMW R 1200 C)

Seargent Sullivan to deadly wounded soldier:
"Hold on Jimmy. The chopper's gonna be here in no time and you're gonna be home for christmas."
Jimmy: {is dead}
by züri sinolog December 21, 2005
A middle class male who fits most, if not all of the following criteria. Not to be confused with a rah.

He has floppy shoulder length, usually blond hair.

He visited South East Asia for his gap year, but he doesnt call it a gap year he calls it "travelling". What he actually means is he got shitfaced with other choppers for 3 months, all the time posing with the the poor local children for a host of Facebook profile pictures.

He is paid through university by his family and finds it strange that not everyone gets the same deal.

His year round attire is a pastel coloured polo shirt, three quarter length beige shorts and flip flops.

He drives a Mini.

After finishing his degree in Business Studies or Management he will get a job working for his dad's company.

He has a tattoo on his arm (often from his "travels") that he considers to be meaningful. It shows his creative side. It says "TWAT" in Vietnamese.
Look at that guy at the bar, he's a complete chopper.

Fredo: I just got back from Thailand. It was amazing, the people there have it so hard. I helped them build a hospital while I was there.
Davey: Mate, you are such a chopper.

Fredo: Do you like my new tattoo? It's my girlfriend's name in Hindi.
Davey: Mate, you are a complete and utter chopper.
by jimboooooooo May 8, 2009
A person, usually male who would have been previously referred to as an 'idiot', 'wanker', 'fool' or any other of the myriad of terms applied to people who aren't 'good'.
by turcle93 April 21, 2011
Chopper: Usually a person with fast style rapping, difficult to understand and "badabum badabing".
"What does that guy mean with badabum?"
"Oh! He is singing, he is a chopper"
by TaniiRoL July 27, 2016
A versatile word that is generally used to describe someone who is a bit of a goon/ loser. Can also be shortened to chop.
Have you met that Simon bloke? He's a complete chopper!
by Rob In June 3, 2014