Matthew is the cutest guy you will ever meet. He is charming, goodlooking, and very nice. He can get on your nerves at some times, but he is the best guy in the whole entire world.
by kieililiyi November 3, 2011
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Someone who everyone can't resist. Evryone loves him and he loves everyone back. Doesn't get angry a lot but when he does get angry he woops ass. Watch out for them because they are cool!!!!
Hottie #1: WHO IS THAT HUNK!!!

Hottie#2: Man he has to be a Matthew!!!
by $nip3r May 1, 2010
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A sexy, nice, athletic guy who is kind to everyone and knows how to treat a lady. He will always be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on. He is out going, fun and just a jokester. He loves to party and fun to be around!
by Cassidy13 February 22, 2012
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An amazing guy that is sure to blow you away. He's got smarts,looks,skill, and downright comical. He is sure to brighten your day,if his looks don't already do that ;)
Girl one: I'm in love
Girl two: I bet you his name is Matthew
by Shine88 January 2, 2017
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The under dog. Someone who you thought was a nerd and wasnt athletic or charming that actually turned out to be all of those things and more.
Woah, that kid just killed it! He must be a Matthew.
by Stu-DTown December 8, 2011
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A courageous person. A brave soul. A Matthew traditionally has high moral standards, a nothing-is-impossible attitude, and the will to get things done. A Matthew approaches life with curiosity and vigor...always encourages friends and uses his strength to get them by when they are at their weakest. He tends to be a heart breaker due to all of the previously listed qualities. God is his source of strength.
If you look inside to your inner Matthew, you can overcome anything.

Be a Matthew: conquer what needs to be conquered and be there for all of your friends.
by GracieTheUnofficialDom November 10, 2010
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The guy with the name Matthew has a problem. And that problem is that he is too perfect. So many people love him causing him to break hearts without even doing anything. Like in one case in particular a girl will have loved him for roughly 2 years and he won't know anything about it, like someone else, go out with her, and break the other girls heart, causing that girl to fall to pieces become an emo and try to kill herself. But no.... This girl could never hate Matthew because he is the only happy thing in her life the thing that makes her smile just by saying her name! HE IS A SAINT! DON'T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIM!
person 1: did you hear about that grace girl?

person 2: no......
person 1: well she took Leah's Matthew away from her.
by I dont like him i love him! October 4, 2011
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