some very wrong people think that preps are just airhead boys and girls who are shallow, material, and shop at abercrombie.
real preppy people (and i know because i am one of them) go to elite new england prep schools like andover, exeter, choate, or deerfield. they do not wear abercrombie. they wear lily pulitzer, ralph lauren, vineyard vines, lacoste, and other brands that are often expensive, but look good. they like prints such as seersucker, plaid, argyle, and madras. they like polo shirts and grosgain ribbon sandals and belts. preps always look put together and don't wear tight, slutty, or provocative clothing, but that doesnt mean that they are all goody two shoes. they summer on natucket, marthas vineyard, cape cod, and bermuda, not florida and tropical islands. they drive hondas and jeeps, not ferraris or hummers. they are actually smart, since they go to good boarding schools, and if they weren't, where would excellent colleges like harvard get their preppy reputations? preps play sports like field hockey, polo, crew, water polo, squash, tennis, and lacrosse. preppies are not snobby or obnoxious, and although they are usualy well off, they are not huge, trashy, extravagant rich. many people think that preps are snobby, mean, and slutty, but those people are truly not preps. those are yuppie posers. preppy people aren't mean to punk or goth kids, they just prefer their own style. preppy is not just a style, it's a way of life, and just because some dumb public school kids will pop their collar on their abercrombie or hollister polo shirt when it's trendy doesnt make them preps at all.
muffy:hey, i love your lily dress!
martha:thanks, and your lacoste polo looks great with your pearls and eliza b. flip flops.
muffy: thanks! i'm going to nantucket tomorrow, we're summering there before i go back to andover in the fall.

jillian: oh em gee! lets go to abercrombie and spend our money on clothes that make us looks like sluts!
cassandra:yeah totally! on the way we can stop and pick up our other slutty friends.
erica: hey you guys! look at that wierd punk kid! hahaha loser! theyre so ugly! and we think we're hot because we're wearing skintight jeans and miniskirts and abercrombie tank tops that are way too small on us!
jillian: and on the way we can ride in our huge ugly hummers and listen to trashy gangsta rap!
by kiribatichristina May 04, 2006
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a lot of these people are right, but a lot are wrong...I'll set the record straight...this definition comes from a TRUE prep-one who has summered in Nantucket for 12 years, and who goes to a top New England boarding school. A prep is usually waspy, but doesn't have to be. Some of the peppiest people I know live "new money" communities like Potomac, MD and Chevy Chase, MD. Preppiness is not just a particular clothing style, it is a lifestyle as well (I know everyone on here says that, but it's true). A preppy guy wears Vineyard Vines boxers, belts, and ties, Patagonia and The North Face fleeces, Birkenstock clogs, Rainbow and Reef flip flops, J Crew pants and critter shorts, Ralph Lauren seersucker/embroidered pants, Brooks Brothers ties and blazers, Ralph Lauren polo and oxford shirts in literally every color, a favorite is lime green with a pink Polo player icon, CK Bradley/CJ Laing/J. McLaughlin/Maax ribbon/needle pointed belts, Tiffany and Co monogrammed money clips and belt buckles, North Face backpacks, Ralph Lauren chino shorts and cable knit cashmere sweaters, LOTS of Lacoste shirts and Lacoste rugbys, Ralph Lauren rugbys, L.L. Bean Boots and moccasins, and Lilly Pulitzer/CJ Laing ties and bathing suits (yeah they're bright and kind of fruity, but that’s the point). Also worn are Sperry topsiders and Barbour jackets. Aviator sunglasses complete the look. Preppy girls dress basically the same as the guys, with some more designer items, like Seven jeans and Gucci sunglasses/horse bit loafers. Preps don’t always pop their collars, as now absolutely everyone is doing it in a vain attempt to be truly preppy. Sweaters are still tied around the neck, but less frequently. Preps would never go to a mall, and if that is the only shopping center near by, then Neimans and Saks are ok. Americana Manhasset is the only acceptable “mall,” if you will.
One thing that irritates me is when snotty Abercrombie wannabe preps call themselves preppy just because they wear a trashy shirt and like pink shorts. That stuff can make someone look put together, but it’s not preppy. Favorite prep activities include hunting, tailgating, playing tennis/lacrosse/sailing/squash/field hockey. Another prep pastime includes getting drunk on the vodka from Daddy’s liquor cabinet or sneaking some at the club. Preps summer in Maine, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and sometimes travel abroad. Preppy colleges include Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Trinity, Colorado College, Bowdoin, etc. Preps grow up and marry other female preps who are like them. Preps are really nice, get to know some and you’ll see. They are never snobby, the snobby people are the fake preps who blast rap and drive around in heinous “tricked out” cars and wear Abercrombie, the skankiest brand at the mall. So go to a Dave Matthews or OAR concert, take a trip to Nantucket, or just walk down the street, and you will encounter some really nice preppy people.
Biff walked into class late, but he looked awesome in his seersucker shorts, Rainbow flip flops, Maax belt, and Ralph Lauren polo shirt.
by A. Wasp February 09, 2005
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Prep's dont have to come from old money or go to private schools or academy's like they usually do. Preps usually vacation on Nantucket Island, Martha's Vineyard, The Cape, Hamptons, Delray, and Maine. Prep's vacation homes are most likely on the east coast vacationing at spots such as VT to go skiing otherwise houses are at the beach.
Prep's don't buy stuff at malls, they usually stick to going to small store's maybe in Greenwich or New Caanan. If you wear american eagle, abercrombie and fitch, Hollister, or any of the "trendy and in" clothing stores you are not a prep.The only time you will see a prep shopping at stores such as american eagle is when they aren't going to be going to Murray's for a while and they need another pair of nantucket reds. True prep's shop at Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Vinyard Vines, Lilly pulitzer, Petit Bateau, north face, barbour,birkenstocks, CK Bradley, Brooke Brothers, J. Crew, eliza b, Patagonia, L.L. Bean for their totebags which almost every prep owns. Prep's carry around their school stuff in tote bags from L.L. bean, vineyard vines, long champ, herve chapelier, and maybe a vera bradley tote. Prep's never wear short skirts or shorts. We wear patterns such as madras and seersucker, We wear khakis and jeans made by blue cult or seven but not limited to these brands. We wear usually wear light colors but tend to wear brighter ones towards the summertime.
Prep's wear very classical jewlery such as pearls and diamond studs, we wear tiffany's jewlery, such as the beaded sterling silver bracelet, we don't usually go for the most popular style's at tiffany's like the sterling silver tiffany's bracelet and necklace that advertise tiffanys on it we usually go for the initial necklace that has your first inital letter or even the starfish necklace that they have there anything cute and simple but never tacky.
Prep's never wear alot of makeup the less the better, we never look tired, even though we party as hard as we work,
our hair is always neat and straight and long, if your hair is curly we get it permantly straightened or try and staighten it everyday hair is usually worn down however, preps wear their hair up with cute grosgrain ribbons.
Prep's are usually but not always active people, we play sports such as lacrosse, field hockey, sailing, golf, hockey, baseball.
Prep's usually wear classic perfumes made by chanel or mainly perfumes by Ralph Lauren
preps own:

*birkenstock clogs and sandals
*jack rogers
*a variety of polos from lilly, polo, lacoste, and other
*ribbon belts
*cable knit sweaters
*eliza b sandals
*eliza b belts
*long champ bags
*sunglasses, usually big chanel or dior ones
*anything nautical
Prep's usually drive nice cars such as landrover's, discovery, range rover, and defenders, they also drive BMW's and merecedes

being preppy will never go out of style
you cant just pop your collar and be preppy
She is so preppy, I've never seen someone wear so many polos before.
by ateggs February 20, 2006
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A preppy person is someone who is classic and conservative. True preps attend some sort of private school. They don't have to have loads of money but basically all of them are at least "well-off". One can find preps shopping at store like J.Crew and Ralph Lauren because they have classic styles. Preps do own clothes from Abercrombie and American Eagle, but only certain things like sweaters and capris. They do NOT wear provacative clothing or really tighting fitting jeans. Most of them are relativly smart and athletic. Their friends and family are proud of them. They are polite, but still know how to have a good time when they go out with their friends! One can count on a true prep to be respectful.
"Wow look at that girl, she is really nicely put together!"
"Yea I know, and she is very classy too."
by Jen June 17, 2004
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A prep is typically a well-educated, good-looking person who comes from a solid, well-established, "old-money" family. Preps lean towards conservatism, and generally are well-dressed and buttoned-down in public. A prep is inclined to wear clothes from Brooks, Lacoste, J. Crew, and Lily Pulitzer - NOT Abercrombie or American Eagle, as some non-preps believe. A prep is usually an all around good guy (or girl) and would be unlikely to brag about their status or wealth. Preps shouldn't be characterized as spoiled underachievers - if they were, where would top-tier schools like Princeton get their preppy reputations? Colleges and universites are becoming more democratic each year; an unqualified student wouldn't gain admittance on family wealth alone. People who bash preps have probably only had contact with the A & F, A & E kind of wannabe-prep - and in many cases I would agree with their comments. But a true prep is far more understated; they would drive a Volkswagen GTI over a Cadillac, vacation on the Vineyard or on Bermuda rather than on St. Bart's, favor subtlety over ostentation. The people on this site who don't like preps are either jealous or haven't actually met a real one.
Muffy and Bif spent much of the summer drinking G & T's and playing tennis at the preppy club in Old Lyme.
by Chip April 14, 2004
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A prep...someone who is classy and classic, not too showy or they would not be a prep, generally from the new england area, but can also be from the south, usually from a private "prep" school like Woodberry Forest or Baylor or Harpeth Hall, girls dress incudes polos, khakis, cardigans, floral dresses, cable knit sweaters, from places like polo, lilly, jcrew, and ck bradley, they carry tote bags with their monograms from llbean , wear pearls and silver monogram jewelry, wear ribbon belts from eliza b, and do not dress slutty in any way, boys wear polos, khakis, madras print shorts from banana, polo, jcrew, and nantucket reds, jackets from the north face, flip flops from rainbows, scruffed up baseball caps, the color code for both includes bright colors like pink, green, purple, and yellow, they are generally smart and nice and from a good, well-established family, they get into selective, private colleges, they sail, play tennis, golf, and swimming, as well as lacrosse and field hockey and sometimes soccer
Hey Muffy, I just bought a new lilly to wear to the club this Sunday!
by Ellie April 15, 2005
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Preppy is a lifestyle, not just a way of dressing. I am a southern prep myself, and this is how I would describe myself and my friends:

We're friendly, polite, and laid-back people. When it comes to fashion, we go for classics: polos, chinos, boat shoes, etc. We like Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, and J. Crew (a huge personal favorite of mine because of their extremely cute cardigans), but we can also shop at stores like Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle. However, when we shop at those places, we pass over the trendy, revealing clothing items and find our good old classics. Our closets are full of bright colors that we like and are easy to mix together. We don't wear makeup and our hair is simple, but pretty. We've been raised to enjoy the outdoors and sports such as tennis, golf, and lacrosse (mostly for the boys). True preps do not walk around with tights clothes and tons of mascara while ridiculing their peers; we preps are way above that, and instead like to try to reach out to everyone and never mind making new friends. A prep has a ready smile (not because we're brainless, but because we're kind and know how good a smile can make someone feel) and is always willing to discuss intelligent matters. (Keep in mind, there are exclusions to the rule. Yes, there are mean preps, and unintelligent preps, but on the whole, we are a good set of people.) True preps do not brag about tacky things like money. We don't feel the need to always have the absolute newest outfit (that's the whole idea of having a wardrobe filled with classics) and we don't over-accessorize, though we do like a simple string of pearls and a headband or ribbon. We wear our clothes for a very long time (until they wear out) and then we are very likely to replace them with something identical, or almost identical. We like to pop our collars, but we can also wear them folded and down. We are upper-middle class or upper class, but it's not a big deal.

Those of you that say preps are mean, slutty people have obviously never met a real prep, and I'm sorry that you have such a negative, skewed image of us. We're really just all-americans, after all.
Ellie smiled at her reflection quickly in the mirror, straightening her crisp, preppy, popped collar and her pretty argyle cardigan on her way out the door.
by Eleanor R. January 27, 2008
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