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Small liberal arts college in a Portland Maine suburb. Where the men are men, and the women have great personalities. Heavy drinking, fleece wearing, intelligent place where you brave the cold rainy days and hate Colby College more than everything. Place where Hockey is still number one, half the kids are from "just outside of Boston" and everyone finds creative ways to drink themselves into oblivion, yet still find jobs as doctors, lawyers and on Wall St. afterwards. Get very angry when people haven't heard of your 1800 person college, a bit arrogant. Not very many unhappy people at this place, but plenty of underachieving smart people.
Q: So you went to Bowdoin, huh?
A: Why the hell would I go anywhere else?
Q: How many kegs did you throw?
A: Daily or weekly?
Q: What?! don't know that...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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One of the best liberal arts schools in the United States, where students find new and inventive ways to drink too much but still thrive academically. Bowdoin used to have a strong rivalry with Dartmouth and is now known as a mini-Dartmouth.

It is the school that all Bates and Colby students were rejected from.
Mike: I teach at Bates.

Jack: Oh, how is teaching all the kids who couldn't get into Bowdoin?
by Jeffreigh June 27, 2011
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