One of the most highly selective boarding schools in the nation. An acceptance rate of less than 18% sets it apart from most other prep schools. Rival, Choate Rosemary Hall accepts all walks of life with a shamefully high rate of 28%.
Congratulations... You were accepted to Deerfield, that is quite a feat.
by TruthAboutAdmissions December 13, 2007
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Located in Massachusetts, US. Zip code is 01342, Eaglebrook School, the maximum security facility is located in Deerfield.
by Eaglebrook School November 3, 2010
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"Did you get in to Choate?"

"No, but I have a few Deerfields lined up."
by Choate Boars!!! September 16, 2005
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deer·field (der feld´) n. 1 a safety private secondary school for preparing students to enter college (see DEERFIELDIAN adj.)
"Did you get into Choate?"
"No. But I have a few Deerfields lined up."
by The China-Man October 11, 2005
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A Northern Suburb of Chicago. Known for its exceptional high school as well as its well off citizens. Unlike other suburbs there is never a lack of things to do in Deerfield. Activities ranging from dance parties on the corner of Deerfield Rd. and Waukegan Rd. to hanging out at Barnes and Noble, Walgreens, and Baker's Square, a night in Deerfield is always a good one.
That toga themed dance party in Deerfield was sweet tonight, want to get some pie at Baker's Square?
by Judd Kiddie December 29, 2005
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Great place to raise a family and grow old, epscially if you like the smell of smoke spewing out from outdoor wood boilers and nasty rats that scurry from neighboring junkyards.
Deerfield is a great place to live...NOT
by Ringo the Rat November 23, 2007
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A small.... wait no VERY small village in the thumb region in Michigan. With only limited options of entertainment if going to a small over priced supermarket tickles your fancy you're in for a ride! This little slice of heaven consisting of rednecks and homemade pontoons out of plywood and weed whipper motors.
I enjoy Deerfield ALOT!! ill live here forever
by millermouse May 5, 2015
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