a casual way of asking for one gram of weed
"How much are you buying?"-drug dealer
"I'd like to buy a monogram." -buyer
by KWPHML November 19, 2011
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v: to place one's initials on the body (usually chest) of a girl using her own menstrual fluid. Typically done when the girl does not notify the man that she is on her period.

n: the act of or displaying of such an action
I was fingering Shirley last night and she didn't tell me she was riding the rag. So, I had to monogram her.
by Mark Lawson May 15, 2006
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Perry the Platypus and Carls boss. He has a bushy moustache. Doobie Doobie doo da
major monogram
by Doobie Doobie do da November 16, 2021
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Made for sorority girls that find their bath mats, clothes, purses and robes were not enough to monogram; and so they put their initials in swirly letters on their car. Basically they want the male sex to know that they are like super cute and their initials look really good in swirly pink letters on their volvo.
becky: " oh my gawd did you see shelly just got herself a car monogram too"

chrissy: " oh my gawd yah I mean shes not even in like a sorority i guess all the cool girls are getting them now"
by ahndrayah August 9, 2009
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A cute website with great monogrammed gifts for all of my friends and family. From baby stuff to purses & totes, it's awesome, and the prices are really great. The polka dot glasses & cups are really neat. Check it out!!
Tiny Tulip Monograms
by Lulu Brooks July 28, 2009
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