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A small, liberal arts school that is an oasis of sanity in Colorado Springs, which is a poor excuse for a city that is overrun by military.

The college runs on the block system. On this system, students take one class, or block, at a time for three weeks. In between blocks there are 4 1/2 day breaks during which students usually go skiing or snowboarding and partake in a general Shit Show. The system is intense, demanding and requires a lot of finesse on behalf of the student. Many of the three week courses are held outside of the college at the college's second campus in Bacca or even internationally, such as an art class that spent most of the block in Paris.

Kids at this college smoke a lot of weed and love flannel, neon clothing, spandex, guacamole, and limes. The school is flooded with friendly hipsters who, aside from the frighteningly excessive amount of whom have a Bob Dylan poster and/or Bob Marley posters in their dorm room, are ready and willing to throw a dance party whenever the time calls for it.

Townies and flyboys from the nearby air force academy continually try to crash the parties at Colorado College, but with little to no success.

The school has a "drink responsibly" policy which applies to students of all ages (as in under-ages) which absolutely owns.

Bad aspects: In Colorado Springs
Good aspects: Lots of opportunities to leave Colorado Springs, good cafeteria food, the college's president name is Dick and he rides around on a segway.
Colorado College kid: Let's blaze and watch the itunes visualizer on the big screen t.v. while blasting bollywood music.

Colorado College kid2: Naw man...I gotta go i'm going to bullshit my way through a grant and go to India
by lay-zjew January 04, 2009
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A small school in Colorado Springs that claims to be the Harvard of the west, but really is not. The girls are horrible looking and even that is an understatement. The party scene is terrible. No one has school spirit because there is no reason to have any because the sports are awful. The block system makes it impossible to transfer because no other private institution believes that it is creditable. Everyone pretends to care about the environment, but will not take public transportation anywhere. The guys are all into bro rape. The girls never shave past their ankles, and the guys are into that. Kids at UCCS have more common sense than the morons here. It's the worst.
Colorado College is The Cunt of Colorado.
by Jason McWilliams September 17, 2008
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