a nickname for the boy we all fall for at the beach... tan, toned abs, confident, & adventurous

he makes you dream about what you two could be, a perfect summer beach fling.. if you had the balls to approach him that is
Imagine watching this sunset with pink shorts 👀👌
by ur b1tch July 1, 2020
When a man or woman wears almost skin color shorts and sits legs akimbo, thus giving the appearance on nudity, without genitals or pubic hair.
Person 1: Oh my gosh! That man has no genitals! Is he a Barbie doll?
Person 2: Nah it's just pink shorts
by rinopie April 1, 2016
When boys skip a guys hangout to hang out with their girlfriend.
He didn't show up to the game, he must be pink shorting.
by hellotherealloe October 1, 2021