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Woodberry Forest is an all male boarding school in Virginia where only the brightest, most athletic, best looking young men attend. Their counterpart, Episcopal High School, also located in Virginia, better known as the Retarded Druggy School (RDS) is where rejects of WFS attend. Episcopal is best known for having one of the worst football teams in the entire state.

Woodberry Forest has proved this year in and year out by beating them constantly by enormous scores year after year. The hope of Episcopal getting over their bad team may never be a reality as they continue to stuff steroids up their asses and hope for the best.
Woodberry Forest Boy: Oh man, is your anus better after that 42-0 defeat yesterday?

EHS Boy: You stupid farmer... argh, I'm so triggered, I'm going to go shoot some cocaine with my girlfriend.
by Woodberry Forest Committee October 13, 2016
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Woodberry Forest, one of the last all male boarding schools in the United States. The guys who attend are widely recognized as the smartest, most athletic, and most desirable guys around. Students are often labeled as gay by those who wish they were nearly as cool and could get half the babes Woodberry guys do. These pathetic individual are called EHS students, aka geeks, ugly ass boys, and steroid pumping brain celled deprived jocks (who, although they shoot up roids every chance they get, still get demolished by Woodberry practically every year) Woodberry guys are generally just all around boss due to the fact that they quite literally own practically every sporting event almost every year, then steal the opposing team's girlfriends because the girls would rather see a woodberry guy every few weeks then your dumbass every day.
EHS girl 1: hey ash you still with that kid from EHS?

Ash: hell no, he was a fucking idiot in bed, couldn't even find the right hole. I chill with the woodberry forest crowd these days. They're soooo fuckin boss.

EHS girl 1: think you could hook me up with one?

Ash: maybe, there's usually a pretty long line.
by gaius - ;) August 25, 2010
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a place where tons of dick sniffing fort builders spend their time doing two things:

1 - playing soggy biscuit
2 - making urban dictionary posts about how bad EHS is because their jealous
Woodberry Forest Guy - "Dude you go to EHS?"

EHS Guy - "Yeah"

Woodberry Guy - "Can I suck your dick?"

EHS Guy - "What the fuck. Are you gay?"

Woodberry Guy - "yeah...."
by Woodberry Headmaster April 29, 2012
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