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the word makes reference to Vancouver, which makes the word mean cool.
oh man, that chick is so couver!
by Jen October 1, 2004
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To make someone believe that you don't know something, or that something doesn't bother you.
He was bothering me but I just played it off.
I didn't want her to know I was drinking, so I played it off.
by Jen September 22, 2003
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-A girl only made famous due to the fact she banged some ugly guy while taping it and he decided to get rich off her pasty white ass and no tits.

-A girl who has lots of money just due to her last name being Hilton. She doesnt have to work for her money, it gets handed to her on a platinum platter. She can run around with her tits hanging out for more publicity when everyones sick of her, because shes never done anything worth while and people only notice her when her "privates" are hanging out. Classy.
"Miss Hilton you must have given a trillion fucks"
by Jen August 12, 2004
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"I get wit my ni**a to get me some llello",

Bone Thugs N Harmony "1st of tha month" Lyrics

In Spanish double L's are pronounced "yuh"
by Jen September 9, 2003
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men on the continual hunt for asses to fuck
bill west and his lust for squirrels, especially lesbian squirrels
by Jen November 13, 2002
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"Hmmmn I could go a little rump ramming.. How about you?"
by Jen February 22, 2004
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