1. A neighborhood in Southwest Detroit, located south of the Ambassador bridge between Fort street and the Detroit River near Zug Island. Delray formerly was a suburb of Detroit until it was annexed by the city in 1905. Soon after, it became a major industrial center surrounded by residential homes. As time progressed, many industrial jobs began to leave Southeast Michigan, and as a result, so did many of the residents of Delray. It has collapsed into a heavily impoverished, polluted area which many Detroit leaders have hoped to completely industrialize. The air in Delray is rated the most polluted in the entire state of Michigan. Many houses in Delray are assessed at near only $3,000-5000.
Delray is a lonely neighborhood.
by Sommy July 10, 2004
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A delray or del-ray is a dumb dolt bastard, a dunce, idiot, moron, dilbert and/or a pile of stupid.
Jon "Matt, did you just see that dude?"
Matt "Yeah, he's a fucking delray."

Jon "What is that?"
Matt "It's a fucking mouse! You del-ray."

Matt "Look it's Petey Pete!"
Jon "She's a fucking del-ray and a half."
Matt "Yeah, she is."
by KeisterStash December 5, 2009
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Small town in South Florida just south of Palm Beach. Delray Beach has a diverse population most of which at some point or another have chugged a beer at Elwoods or ate a hot dog at Doc's.
surfers, yuppies, eurotrash, wasps, delray beach
by heidihostein December 14, 2008
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a town just south of palm beach. Beginning to get more and more modern. very wealthy neighborhood. basically just the same as Palm Beach, but not as well known. best restaurants around. very stylish and best beaches. also very waspy, lots of designers. very pretty down. main street is the place to be at night.
you know you have loads of cash when you have a house in Delray Beach
by yesimsoowaspy14 June 14, 2011
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Moniker for the subclass of scumbags that reside in Delray beach. Can be found creeping in the alley by spot coffee, at Veterans Park, and at the Crossroads club after dark. Characterized by a bad attitude, stupid tattoos and flat brimmed hats. These people are comparable to hipsters, but far worse.
Hey Dave do you want to hit the 730 at veterans park?

Nah man, the Delray fashion show is gonna be there.
by izzo3746563822 May 3, 2015
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The most unique human , loves rod wave and thinks he can hoop , but he is quite the comedian and can be a nerd at sometimes.
by November 24, 2021
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