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someone (or something) whose action(s) or very presence produces or results in feelings of pleasure, contentment, satiation, gratitude, or happiness.
Jen, you are a delight!

You watch 'Plastic Surgery: Before & After' too? That's a delight!
by Jessica D. March 19, 2007
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Usually with dark hair and gorgeous eyes. She is a loyal friend and will always be there for you no matter what. Can be insecure, but others see that she is beautiful inside and out. Empathy is like her with sense, and she has such a huge heart. Delight has a very bubbly personality and you can often spot her singing or dancing around. She has a very vivid imagination and likes to dream big, sometimes her mind wanders and she becomes absorbed in her own little fantasy world. She has a good sense of humour and can make you smile even on your worst days. Make sure you are there for her the way she is for you, and even if she tries to push you away, don't you ever give up on her. Anyone would be lucky to have someone like her in their life.
"I wish I looked like Delight"

"I know, she's gorgeous isn't she"
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by Bildon December 03, 2019
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A funny, generous girl. Loving and caring to others. Usually has dark brown hair /eyes and a big beautiful smile to match her personality . Big boobs and butt included.
Kid #1: the new girl is so funny.

Kid #2: I know. She such a Delight!
by dep November 28, 2014
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hot girls, mainly college aged chicks who are visually pleasing and sexually appealing.
Dude #1 is at the bar, Dude #2 is not

DUDE #1: Yo, you should come down to the bar, its pretty bumpin right now.

DUDE #2: Are there a bunch of delights down there, im only coming if there are a bunch of delights.

DUDE #1: Yah, there are a bunch of delights.

DUDE #2: Ok, Ill be there soon.
by thebigneon March 02, 2007
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Turning off the lights when someone is using them for something like showering or using the toilet.
Guy 1: "Why is that girl screaming?"

Guy 2: "Oh man, she just got delighted in the shower."
by Rtrock May 16, 2007
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Similar to the Butterfly position, the Delight is an intimate position. The receiver sits at the very edge of a bed, couch, etc. while their partner kneels on the floor between their legs and enters. If you find that your alignment is off, use pillows under the receiver's bottom, or under the giver's knees to adjust as needed.
by Death2010 October 09, 2010
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