Hair that is light in color - usually any yellowish or golden shade. Some shades of blonde include golden blonde, white-blonde, and honey blonde. Young children with blonde hair are often called tow-heads, especially if their hair is very, very light. Many stereotypes exist for blonde-haired people such as the 'dumb blonde' or that 'blondes have more fun'. Also simply refered to as 'blonde' or spelled 'blond'.
She's such a blond(e).

Blondes have more fun!

I wish I had blonde hair.
by Ang3l1n3 September 7, 2006
What lesbians have
If a chick has Spikey Blonde Hair, she's probly lez
by Shaved_Deer January 21, 2012
by Me dead by blonde jungkook February 5, 2021
A sad excuse for girls who bleach their hair blonde and want to brag about it on instagram. These girls usually have short hair and are jealous of the girls that are part of Long Hair Don't Care, a real thing. Real blondes who were born that way don't use this term, as it usually turns out to be degrading to them because most the girls who do use it are skanks.
No make-up!!! Blonde hair don't care #nomakeup #selfiesunday #blondehairdon'tcare
by rawrsaster July 24, 2013
1) A unit of measurement, often used by tradesmen to describe small adjustments required.

2) commonly accepted to be less precise than a "red cunt hair", the finest hair measurement scale currently in use.
"Hey Scotty, shave a blond cunt hair off that pipe, she's not lining up bud"
by Scotty Chats February 16, 2018
A day commencing on September the 3rd, honouring all boys/men with blonde hair and blue eyes, particularly those named "Liam". This day requires you to splash out $5 to every boy who falls under these characteristics.
"Today, is National blonde hair blue eyes boys named Liam day, better give every Liam with blonde hair and blue eyes $5!"
by lmlm99 September 2, 2021
Someone who's name would be better if it was emma.
example #1

person #1 Hey whats your name

person #2 Kendall

person#1 Too bad if your name was Emma I would be friends with you

expanple #2

person #1 Hey your cute I would date you blonde head dropdead gurl.

person #2 thanks you hot monster. my name is Kendall.

person #1 Oh...... This is awkward. I would only date you if your name was Emma Bye

Person #2 :(

example #3

person #1 My name is ......

person #1 "Kendall - Somebody who has blonde hair which would be better if it was red"

person #2 You would look much better with red hair and would be hotter if your name was Emma

person #1 :(