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This group has a nice mix of styles, reggae, soca, etc. In both Spanish and English, as most of the band members are from San Andrés and Providencia Islands. The residents of these tiny and exotic islands speak Caribbean English, despite they are Colombian territories, so Spanish is also spoken.
Hey, let's go dancing tonight, there's an electrical show of Magical Beat Band in Cartagena!
by Dino March 13, 2005
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Mahout is defined as being a person who drives, takes care of and controls elephants. Traditionally, life-time or career mahouts were knowledgeable, highly experienced individuals well-versed in elephant-rearing skills. These were true masters with an intimate understanding of their 'wards'. Men who possessed an exceptional ability to communicate and control their elephants with simple verbal commands and touch. See also elephant-keeper and Cornac.
In India and Southern Asia each elephant is assigned a driver, called a mahout, who formes a bond with his particular charge for years.
by Dino March 11, 2005
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A drunk pregnant prostitute whose only goal in life is to sue everyone she comes into contact with.
Be carefull not to make eye contact with that mamabeotch!
by Dino January 30, 2004
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European Latin language spoken officially for about 200 millions people in eight countries worldwide, mainly in South America, Africa and Europe. It's also unofficially spoken in parts of India, Southern Asia and Africa.

Although Portuguese and Spanish are different languages, they have the same root in ancient Latin and therefore are mutually intelligible.
john Kerry's wife, Teresa, and popstar Nelly Furtado speak Portuguese fluently.

After independence, East Timor decided that Portuguese, along with Tetum, would be its official languages.
by Dino March 11, 2005
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The overall look one has that shows exactly what profession, career, activite one performs.
Halle Berry is not only a very beautiful woman, but she has got the perfect "physique du role" to play a real femme fatale as a Bond Girl.
by Dino March 13, 2005
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