A fancy term for preparing and cooking food.
Jamie Oliver is famous for his culinary delights ... which might taste shite but they look good on tv and in books!
by The skinny black cat October 23, 2013
Wow! Amy's culinary was so awesome last night
by dcre8r December 13, 2015
The act of seeking pleasure by watching others cook food that one cannot eat themselves.

An example is: vegetarians obsessively watching cooking shows primarily involving non-vegetarian food.
This guy is known for his Culinary Voyeurism (Voyeuristic) descriptions of food.
by Mekkat July 16, 2012
An ethical omnivore, the culinary opportunist takes advantage of whatever good eats are at hand, at the farmer's market, at the local restaurant/diner/ cafe/bistro. They are true to no particular fad, food type or ethnic cuisine. They are adventurous with curious palates, willing to try whatever is presented to them.
Walking through chinatown on a Sunday, the culinary opportunist felt the pull of the dim sum brunch.
by CulinaryOpportunist September 15, 2011
A food item or meal so delicious, words alone cannot describe them. You are said to have a culinary orgasm when you can do nothing but sit back in awe at the taste.
Damn man, that buffalo chicken sandwich was a culinary orgasm.
by Makata May 7, 2004
A horrible meal that is the result of a massacre in the kitchen.
His mother cooked Thanksgiving dinner, it was a culinary columbine.
by NCdubmixer November 21, 2009
Someone who is constantly hurting themselves in the kitchen because of their lack of culinary prowess.
Brooke sucks at cooking; she always burns her hand on the stove. What a culinary emo.
by KieraRose January 31, 2010