A beautiful country, it's small but a lot to discover, the food is delicious, people and women are gorgeous, it's basically a very healthy place to live in.

A great country to live without hassle from the cities or pollution.

One last thing, every Portuguese is proud of being from Portugal, the one who said "Portuguese wish they'd be Spanish" it's complete bull-crap.

Spain is a wonderful country too, I love it, but Andorra even more because I went there for vacation when I was a kid and it's awesome when it's the season of snow.
Portugal isn't a big country but it's excellent for a great lifestyle, and healthy food, plus other things which people like a lot.
by Anon12576343 November 2, 2010
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Best country of the World.
Unfortunately taxes are bigger than the country itself.
Still, an historical country that has a good clime, great landscapes and beaches.
Excelent for vacation.
Oh, and beautiful, beautiful women.
A peaceful place, optimal for vacation and full of darn nice ladies?
Portugal is the answer.
by striker675 May 29, 2005
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is a small country on the westernmost point of Europe continente. Well known for it's good and tasty food, rich cultural traditions, fado music, sea delights, sardinha, tolerate immigration law, too low salaries, genuine Porto wine, strong football teams and superb quality coffe and haxixe.
Only in Portugal you can see so deep blue sky
by ianmar November 8, 2007
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Portugal; country with the most adventurer people at the history, people without fear. Country who loves the sea, people without fear. People who loves the life, People without fear.
I'm venezuelan but I'm proud of my origin parents (Madeira Island)
by Mauricio Vieira May 7, 2005
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The oldest country in Europe. The european country with most hours of sunlight per annum. The least polluted country in europe. The only country in Europe to have never been conquered by another country. The country that invented globalisation. One of the richest countries in the world in terms of reserves. The biggest country in Europe if you consider maritime size. The first country to spread it's language to countries in another continent. Some actually say that spanish derived from portuguese. A country where almost all citizens can speak english. A country that rather pretend to be stupid and be smart than to pretend to be smart and actually be stupid. Portugal and England have the oldest alliance between two countries to date. A country that practically owned half of the world through the treaty of tordesillas. A country with one of the most vast and tasty culinary in the world. A country with one of the most healthiest climate on earth. A country with only 10 million people but have thrown recently to the world some of the best football players and coaches. A country that planted their own language to countries in all continents. Portugal has the best surfing wave in Europe 'Supertubos'. The country where Christopher Columbus spend all his life and studied (some believe he was actually portuguese). The country that is in the centre of the world map.
If you would like to know more about WORLD history, look up 'PORTUGAL'
by SirJoe76 July 10, 2013
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Portugal is the most beautiful contry in the world with tons of sexy men all over the place. It is known for breathing,eating, and sleeping football....it has some of the best players in Europe.
now what the f*** is ur problem? mad because ur team didnt get as far as Portugal did in the Euro? seriously shut the hell up and get a f'ing life.
by Gabi - forca portugal!!! March 18, 2005
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A place with the best beaches, people and wine... Also a place very hated by a few jealous countries such as spain it seems.. . Tough luck :P
Portugal dood: "No dood, spain just sucked too much :)"
by Just someone May 11, 2005
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