A person that comes from the great country of Portugal. (Azorians count too.)
I'm from Portugal which makes me Portugese.
by Killa-JC August 3, 2007
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A language spoken in Brazil and Portugal.
Can be spoken by inserting aluminum foil into your mouth and speaking spanish.
Su amai e uma sapatona

by OrlandoTheRobot May 28, 2009
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when a male places his scrotum on another persons face (ball in each eye) with the shitter right above the mouth. He then takes a dump causing the shit to roll down their face like a portugese landslide
Woah, has she just recieved a portugese landslide?
I gave him a portugese landslide the other day.
by jeff93 January 7, 2010
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This ia a very satisfying, Tasty, and interestingly hot way to eat a sloppy omelette. First you need a willing particapent, after you have found one you need 3 eggs, some parsley, and oh yes the canadian bacon. Once you have all the ingredients mixed together pour them into the participants anal cavity, now the trick is to make them really hot they are in a sense the "skillet". This will warm the mix and it is now ready for consumption. The prefered tool for the pros is a straw. But you need to have some good lungs for this meal for you do need to work for it...
Wow i had the best portugese breakfast last night... Dude you were with steve all night....
by S 3 X Y Santa August 17, 2005
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When your doing a girl from behind during a threesome, you pull out, blow your load between her ass cheeks, squeeze her cheeks together and make the other girl lick it out.
Man I was having a threesome with my girl and her sister and I gave her sister a Portugese Sandwich
by Jbone23 July 1, 2010
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A traffic maneuver used by people attempting to turn left (or right in places where they drive on the left) onto a busy street. The driver pulls out and blocks one lane of traffic while waiting for an opening to appear in the other lane. Named for the originators of this maneuver, Rhode Island's Portugese community.
"This street is too busy to turn left on"
"Just use the Portugese Pullout."
by scohag September 6, 2011
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