Very rare. Likely the person you'd want to hang around with, due to the fact that the age range who uses this term wouldn't be old enough to seriously go through enough to leave some unfortunate guy with a label saying how he might not want a ton of trauma in his life just yet, or better yet, has some odd thing called common sense... Or the ultimate hiss/boo factor of this age range, MORALS!

-Phrase often said when 'the last one' tells exactly why he's managed to stay clean while everyone else is happily abusing themselves till they get Erectile Dysfunction at 17-
by TanonX November 20, 2005
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The "last one" is the last of a group of friends to engage in sexual relations with a member of the opposite gender. This person is consistantly teased and harassed regarding this shortcoming, with remarks like, but not limited to: "haha, (insert name here), you havent had sex yet!". Anger and frustration is usually carried out on other people and objects, such as televisions and video game controllers. The frustration reaches its peak when the "last one" is reminded that the quiet asain kid that lives above him is dropping the hammer and he is not. The lack of intercourse and cross-gender relations has led the "last one" to become quite adept at playing HALO 2, however, those sexually-experienced friends of his are beginning to challenge his reign.
the "last one": "haha, you suck, i just rocket-sniped your ass!"

sexually-experienced friend: "dude, shut up, youre the last one..."
by anonymous February 27, 2005
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the "last one" is typically the last of a group of friends to have sexual intercourse. the "last one" typically gets teased and harassed about this, especially when the quiet asian that lives above him is dropping the hammer and he is not. the "last one" will usually take his frustration out on other people and objects, such as xbox controllers. the "last one's" only game occurs when playing HALO 2. however, his reign of triumph will soon end as his sexually-experienced friends get better.
the "last one": dude, you suck, i just rocketed your ass (in HALO 2)

player 2: dude, your the "last one"...
by hahahahahahaha February 27, 2005
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last one to cum is a game, mainly used for hazing rituals and drunken shamings. It involves a group of guys standing around something edible, normally a peace of bread or a cookie. they all start jerking off and ultimately cum on the cookie. the last person to cum has to eat the cookie.
tonight you pledges have to play last one to cum
by Campus Mischief March 28, 2005
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When it’s October 31st and you gotta get that last one in while you can
Billy”Hey Bob you gonna get that last one on?” Bob”Hell yeah man!”
by ImmoblieSleet October 31, 2019
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A popular practice used to determine who out of a group of people will carry out an unpopular task - if such an issue becomes contested, someone must call out "Last one to faint!" and all those present must pretend to faint. The last person to do so must do the chore (for example), even if they don't know the rules.
Barnaby: Ouccchh... who's gonna tell Chrissy he's not invited to the party?
Krispin: Last one to faint!
All: Ahhhhhhh BRUNO!
Bruno: Aww man!
by Ungerdog June 5, 2007
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1. A saying yelled when racing to a given point, preferably when running over a pond that has barely frozen.

2. A general saying expressing excitement or anticipation.

The phrase was spawned from an edited "G.I. Joe Public Service Announcement" which can be found at:
While getting into the car to drive to Chipotle: "last one there is a penis pump"!
by spacecowboy November 18, 2003
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